Ashton-under-Lyne 1832 (7)


Taylor Mrs Ann, 1 Warrington Street
Taylor Ann, dressmaker, 152 Stamford Street
Taylor George, overlooker, Peel Street, Dukinfield
Taylor Henry, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Taylor James, hatter, Plantation Lodge, Dukinfield
Taylor James, brazier & tin-plate worker, 54 Old Street and Market Street
Taylor John, victualler, Brunswick Inn, Catherine Street
Taylor John, tailor, Scotland Street
Taylor John, hosier, 100 Stamford Street
Taylor Joseph, bobbin & skewer turner, 217 Manchester Road, house 226 Stamford Street
Taylor Joseph, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Taylor Robert, butcher, 82 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Taylor Mr Stephen, Wood End, Dukinfield
Taylor Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Hey Heads, Staly
Taylor William, steward to the executors of the late F D Astley Esquire., Lakes, near Dukinfield
Tetlow Joseph, schoolmaster, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Thacker Joseph, ironmonger, 40 Stamford Street
Thakeray William, bookkeeper, 42 Delamere Street
Thomas John, shopkeeper, 20 Mill Lane
Thompson Andrew, linen draper, 35 Stamford Street
Thompson Hannah, ladies' day academy, Henry's Square
Thompson John, tailor, 14 Warrington Street
Thorley William, shoemaker, 4 Delamere Street
Thornely William, cotton spinner, house, Dog Lane, Dukinfield
Thorpe James, sizer, 99 Stamford Street, house, 14 Hall Courts
Thwaite John, retailer of beer, 48 Mill Lane
Tinker David, post master, druggist and agent to the Royal Exchange Fire Office, 13 Stamford Street
Tomlinson George, blacksmith, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Tonge John, shopkeeper, 42 High Street, Dukinfield
Tongue Joseph, overlooker, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Tookey William Weightman, linen draper, 10 Stamford Street
Toplis John, clog etc manufacturer, 30 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Townsend David, shoemaker, George Street, Dukinfield
Townsend Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 64 Church Street
Townsend John, auctioneer etc, Wood Street
Townsend John & Co, plumbers etc., 93 Stamford Street
Travers Sarah, milliner, 5 Cavendish Street
Travis Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Cavendish Street, house, 142 Manchester Road
Travis Thomas junior, victualler, Fortune of War, 2 Old Street
Turner Mr Francis, 15 Church Street
Turner James, butcher, 52 Bridge, Street, Dukinfield
Turner John, surgeon, 72 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Turner Randall, retailer of beer, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Turner Thomas, retailer of beer, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Tweedale John & William, grocers, 1 Scotland Street

Unsworth Peter, fruiterer, 19 Stamford Street
Unsworth Thomas, tin-plate worker, 49 Scotland Street
Uttley Jas, shopkeeper, 107 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge

Vaudrey Edward, spinner, house, Castle Cottage, Dukinfield
Vaudrey John, spinner, house, Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Vaudrey Thomas, bookkeeper, 26 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Vaughan Henry, shoemaker, 47 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Vaughan James, shopkeeper & manager, Haughton
Vaughan James, shopkeeper, 28 Mill Lane

Wade John, butcher, Stamford Street, Staly Bridge
Wade Richard, boot & shoemaker, Stamford Street, Staly Bridge
Wagstaff John, spinner, house, 2 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Wainwright John, shopkeeper, 10 Set Street, Dukinfield
Walker Christiana, victualler, Horse Shoe, 85 Old Street
Walker Esther, victualler, Dog & Partridge, 18 George Street
Walker Jas, spinner, house, Harper House, Cricket Lane
Walker Jas, victualler, Welllington & Blucher, 36 Cricket Lane
Walker Jas & Co, cotton spinners, Lower Bank Mill
Walker John, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Walker Mary, retailer of beer, Duncan Street, Charlestown
Walker Samuel, linen darper, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Walker William, shoemaker, High Street, Dukinfield
Walker Wm, joiner & cabinet maker, Style Barn
Walmsley James, stone mason, 163 Stamford Street
Walmsley Thomas, grocer, 25 Old Street
Walshaw David, boarding academy, New Road, Dukinfield
Walton Isaac, butcher, 103, Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Wanklyn Thomas, manufacturer, house, Bank Street
Wanklyn William & Thomas, silk manufacturers, Silk Mill
Warbrick John, ironfounder, house, Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
Warbrick William, ironfounder, house, Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
Warbrick William & John, iron & brass founders, roller & machine makers, Old Furnace, Dukinfield
Warburton Jos, shopkeeper & deputy constable, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Ward Joseph, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Ward Mrs Martha, High Street, Dukinfield
Ward Richard, moulder, 55 Scotland Street
Wareing John & William, cotton spinners, 53 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Wareing Mrs Mary, Rye Croft
Wareing William, cotton spinner, High Street, Dukinfield
Warhurst John, overlooker, 163 Manchester Road
Waterford Hannah, confectioner, 36 Scotland Street
Waterhouse Geo, butcher, 98 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Waterhouse Jacob, greengrocer, High Street, Dukinfield
Waterhouse Matt, warve turner, 16 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Waterhouse Ralph, tailor, 98 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Waterman James, saddler, 142 Stamford Street, and brewer, Gas Street
Watson Chas, surgeon, 5 Chapel Street, Staly Bridge
Watson George, joiner, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Watson Robert, academy, Currier Lane
Watts James, linen draper, 41 Stamford Street
Whalley Matt, wheelwright, 64 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Whitaker John, overlooker, Davies Street, Dukinfield
White Robert, saddler etc, 25 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Whitehead David, tailor, Dog Lane, Dukinfield
Whitehead Edward, victualler, Highland Laddie, 47 Old Street
Whitehead Edward, fishmonger. 12 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Whitehead Mrs Grace, 56 Old Street
Whitehead Jacob, victualler, Spread Eagle, Stamford Street,
Whitehead Jacob, shopkeeper, 88 Old Street
Whitehead James, retailer of beer, Currier Lane
Whitehead John, shopkeeper, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Whitehead Peter, retailer of beer, 122 Rasbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Whitehead Thomas, shopkeepr, 95 Rasbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Whitehead William, watchmaker etc, 22 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Whitehead William, greengrocer, 97 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Whitfield Richard, agent to David Bellhouse & Sons, Mill Lane
Whitley James, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Whittaker John, boot etc maker, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Whittaker John & Son, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Hurst Brook
Whitworth Samuel, gardener, Currier Lane
Wild Isaac, butcher, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Wild James, joiner, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Wild John, hat stiffener and shopkeeper, 37 Delamere Street
Wild John, overlooker, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Wilde Daniel, coal dealer, Manchester Road
Wilde Eli, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Wilde Elizabeth, coal dealer, 7 Booth Street
Wilde Isaac, retailer of beer, New Road, Dukinfield
Wilde James, retailer of beer, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Wilde Thomas, retailer of beer, 52 High Street, Dukinfield
Wilde Mr William, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Wilde William, machine maker, Church Street
Wilde William & Son, coal masters, Dukinfield
Wilkinson James, cotton spinner and machine maker, Copley Mills, house, Huddersfield Road
Wilkinson John, blacksmith, 4 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Williams Ann, dressmaker, High Street, Dukinfield
Williamson Abel, shopkeeper, 25 Duncan Street, Charlestown
Williamson, Betty, shopkeeper, Pot Yard
Williamson Cornelius, linen draper & agent to the Norwich Union Fire Office, 73 Old Street
Williamson Edward, victualler, Talbot, 138 Stamford Street
Williamson George, shopkeeper & agent to the West of England Fire Office, 75 Old Street
Williamson George, shopkeeper, 51 Oldham Street
Williamson John, flag & slate merchant, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Williamson John, hatter, 6 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Williamson John, shopkeeper, 69 Fleet Street
Williamson Samuel, shopkeeper, 42 Church Street
Williamson Samuel, sizer, 44 Wood Street
Wilshaw Matthew, wheelwright, Wellington Street
Wilson John, retailer of beer, 37 Cricket Lane
Wimpenny Abel Buckley, cotton spinner, house, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Wimpenny Swindells & Co, cotton spinner, Hall Green, Dukinfield
Winterbottom & Chadwick, cotton spinners, Higham Fold
Winterbottom John, cotton spinner, house, Stamford Crescent
Winterbottom Mrs Sarah, Stamford Street
Wood & Harrop, cotton spinners, Wharf Street
Wood Benjamin, hatter, Hough Hill, Dukinfield
Wood Betty, dressmaker, High Street, Dukinfield
Wood James, cotton manufacturer, Currier Lane
Wood James, shopkeeper, 35 Cricket Lane
Wood James, bricklayer, Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Wood John, cotton spinner, house, Old Hall
Wood John, tailor, 106 Oldham Street
Wood John, shopkeeper, Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Wood Joseph, shoemaker, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Wood Mary, victualler, Swann Inn, and brickmaker, 1 Stamford Street
Wood Thomas, bricklayer and plasterer, 63 Church Street
Wood William, tailor, 36 Delamere Street
Woodall John, shoe warehouse, 100 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Woodall Joseph, butcher, Leech Street, Dukinfield
Woodall Jos, butcher, 13 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Woodall Thomas, butcher, 85 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Woodall Mr William, 22 High Street, Dukinfield
Woodcock Joseph, shopkeeper, 18 Hall Courts
Woodcock Leonard, boot & shoemaker, 13 Bentinck Street
Woollacott Aaron, shoemaker, 56 Park Street
Woolley George, shopkeeper and retailer of beer, Hollins Street, Dukinfield
Woolley Geo, coal master, house, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Woolley James, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Woolley James, shopkeeper, Hollins Street, Dukinfield
Woolley John, victualler, Feather's Inn, High Street, Dukinfield
Woolley John, retailer of beer, High Street, Dukinfield
Woolley Melling, victualler, Boar's Head, 71 Rassbottom Street, Staly Brdige
Woolley Ralph, victualler, Albion Inn, 105 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Woolley Robert, retailer of beer, Bridge End
Woolley Samuel, vctualler, Buck, 53 High Street, Dukinfield
Woolstencroft Joshua, retailer of beer, Cavendish Street
Worthington Mrs Bridget, 3 Warrington Street
Worthington John, victualler, Astley's Arms, Stamford Street
Worthington Mr Ralph, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Worthington Ralph, victualler, Stamford's Arms, 57 Stamford Street
Wright & Finnegan, cotton spinners, Hooley Hill
Wright Edmund, shopkeeper, 11 Cavendish Street
Wright Henry, cotton spinner, house, Hooley Hill
Wright Mrs Jane, 7 Cavendish Street
Wright Samuel, retailer of beer, 224 Stamford Street
Wright William, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Manchester Road, house, Welbeck Street
Wrigley Hannah, dressmaker, 18 Church Street
Wrigley James, joiner, 52 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Wrigley Joshua, victualler, Angel, Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Wrigley Samuel, schoolmaster, Hurst Brook
Wroe Frederick, bookseller etc, 9 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Wyatt Robert, hat lining manufacturer, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Wych Mrs Ann, Hardfield Cottage, Portland Street
Wych John, timber merchant, Manchester Road

Young John, boot & shoemaker, 80 Stamford Street


Going from or calling at the Commercial Inn, Ashton.

To BARNSLEY, the Tradesman every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at a quarter past one; goes through Mottram, Tintwistle, Woodhead and Penistone.

To GLOSSOP, a coach every afternoon Friday excepted at half past five; goes through Mottram and Hollingworth.

To MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail, every morning at a quarter past seven and every evening at half past six, the Railway, every morning at half past eleven, the Umpire, every afternoon at a quarter past one, the Tradesman, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at one - and coaches every morning at eight, nine, ten and eleven, and every afternoon at two, four, six and seven.

To SHEFFIELD, the Royal Mail, every morning at eight, the Umpire every afternoon at half past one, and the Railway every afternoon at half past three. All go through Mottram, Hollingworth and Glossop


To BARNSLEY, Marsden & Dibb from the Wheat Sheaf, Ashton and the Pack Horse, Staly Bridge every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

To HOLMFIRTH, J Woodhead from the Wheat Sheaf, Ashton every Tuesday and Friday.

To MANCHESTER, from ASHTON, Pickford & Co from the Three Crowns; Ann Johnson from the Wheat Sheaf, William Thomas from 8 Wellington Street; Nancy Boardman from Old Street; Edward Cheetham from Mill Street, daily. Gamble & Co from the Wheat Sheaf twice a week; Marsden & Dibb every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday; J Woodhead every Monday and Thursday; and Thos Beale from 48 Cavendish Street every Tuesday and Saturday. From DUKINFIELD, David Bardsley, Richard Morris and John Knott daily; George Higginbottom every Tuesday and Thursday; and James Keenan from Davies Street every Tuesday and Saturday. From STALY BRIDGE, Pickford & Co, Ann Johnson, Mary Platt and William Sanderson call at the Pack Horse daily; Gamble & Co. twice a week; and Marsden & Dibb every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To OLDHAM, William Hibbert, from the Wheat Sheaf, Ashton every Tuesday and Friday.

To SHEFFIELD, from ASHTON, Pickford & Co and Ann Johnson, from the Wheat Sheaf daily. From STALY BRIDGE, Pickford & Co and Ann Johnson from the Pack Horse daily; Gamble & Co. twice a week; and Marsden & Dibb every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

To STOCKPORT, Fleet Lodge from DUKINFIELD every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and William Hassall from STALYBRIDGE every Friday.


To MANCHESTER & LIVERPOOL, D Bellhouse & Sons (timber only) from the Ashton Wharf.

To MANCHESTER & STALY BRIDGE, The Manchester and Ashton Canal Co. from the Ashton Wharf.

To MANCHESTER, HULL, GOOLE, WAKEFIELD and intermediate places, the Huddesfield Canal Co. Staly Bridge and J Buckley & Co, J & L Marsden, and A Beswick & Co. daily.


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