Ashton-under-Lyne 1832 (5)


Macartney Rev. Andrew, Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
McDonald John, whitesmith, Church Street
McGuire William, retailer of beer, 11 Wood Street, Staly Bridge
Madders James, earthenware dealer, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Mallalieu Sarah, shopkeeper, Hurst Brook
Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co, 69 Stamford Street, Samuel Bolton Tomlins, manager
Marland Eliz, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Marland Will, victualler, Royal Forester, Delamere Street
Marland John, shopkeeper, Scotland Street
Marland John, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Marland Will, victualler, Wheat Sheaf, Square
Marples Joseph, saddler etc, 168 Stamford Street
Marsh Mary Elizabeth, ladies school, 8 Park Parade
Marsh Samuel, milk seller, High Street, Dukinfield
Marshall Abraham, wheelwright, Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
Marsland Aaron, hatter, Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Marsland Daniel, farmer, Hough Hill, Dukinfield
Marsland Isaac, linen draper, 14 Mill Lane
Marsland Squire, baker, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Mason Thomas, saddler etc, 131 Manchester Road
Mason Thomas, cotton spinner, house 119 Stamford Street
Mather Mary Ann, postmistress, Water Street, Staly Bridge
Matley Henry, blacksmith, Wood Street, Stalybridge
Matley William, shopkeeper, Hurst Brook
Matley William, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Mellor Benjamin, boot & shomaker, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Mellor Benjamin, milk seller, 47 Park Street
Mellor Edward, retailer of beer and stone mason, Mill Lane
Mellor Edwin, cotton spinner, 148 Manchester Road
Mellor Elizabeth, widow, 30 Mill Lane
Mellor Mrs Ellen, 5 Mill Lane
Mellor James, attorney, 109 Stamford Street
Mellor James, hair dresser, 23 Scotland Street
Mellor James, cabinet maker, 19 Mill Lane
Mellor John, cabinet maker, 50 Old Street
Mellor John, cotton spinner, 150 Manchester Road
Mellor Thomas & Sons, cotton spinners & manufacturers, 1 Manchester Road
Mellor William, furniture broker, 145 Manchester Road
Mercer Edward, clog & patten meker, 13 Cricket Lane
Mercer Geo, clog & patten maker, 22 George Street
Metcalfe George, shoemaker, Davies street, Dukinfield
Metcalfe John, grocer, 30 Old Street
Milburn William, ironfounder, Staly, house, Back Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Millett Richard, High Street, Dukinfield
Mills Aaron, victualler, Lamb, 65 Old Street
Mills James, grocer & corn dealer, 15 Old Street
Mills James, bobbin & skewer maker, 12 Queen Street, Staly Bridge
Mills James, cotton spinner, Scout Mill, Staley
Mills John, retailer of beer, Hooley Hill
Mills Thomas, victualler, Grapes, and shopkeeper, Heyrod
Mills William, collector of poor rates, Heyrod
Mitchell Mrs Jane, Hall Green, Dukinfield
Mitchell Samuel, shoemaker, 3 Back Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Moor Edward, tailor, 101 Old Street
Moor George, cooper, 40 Old Street
Moors Elizabeth, dressmaker, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Morley James, hatter, Dog Lane, Dukinfield
Morrel Rev. Cornelius, classical & mathematical academy, Castle Hall, Dukinfield, house, Staly
Morris Mrs Elizabeth, Bridge End
Morris John, grocer, 45 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Morris John, druggist, grocer & agent to the Manchester Fire Office, 49 Stamford Street
Morton Ellen, dressmaker, 60 Park Street
Morton John, hawker, 60 Park Street
Morton Nathaniel, shopkeepr, 120 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Morton William, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Moss Edward, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Moss James, sexton 15 Hall Courts
Moss James, blacksmith, 20 Hall Courts
Moss James, assistant sexton, 9 Hall Courts
Moss James Junior, shopkeeper & retailer of beer, 32 Scotland Street
Moss Samuel, joiner Church Street
Moss Thomas, confectioner, 27 Old Street
Moss Thomas, shopkeepr, 123 Church Street
Mottram Jos, warehouseman, 14 Shepley Street, Staly
Murray Walter, shoemaker, High Street, Dukinfield

Naylor Thomas, grocer, 83 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Newall John, pattern designer, 14 Park Parade
Newall Jonathan, painter, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Newton Abraham, victualler, Lord Nelson, Charlestown
Newton Elizabeth, druggist, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Newton George, hatter, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Newton John, shopkeeper, New Road, Dukinfield
Newton Martha, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Newton Mrs Nanny, Arleys
Newton Robert, attorney's clerk, Hall Green, Dukinfield
Newton Samuel, victualler, Commercial Inn (& posting house), 140 Manchester Road
Nield James, eating house, 23 Rasbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Norton joseph, auctioneer, 56 King Street, Staly Bridge
Norton William, shoemaker, 26 Cross Leech Street, Dukinfield
Nuttall, Edward, pawnbroker, 78 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge

Ogden Abraham, shopkeepr, New Road, Dukinfield
Ogden Mr George, Hooley Hill
Ogden Hannah, draper & hosier, 13 George Street
Ogden Isaac, butcher, Wellington street, Dukinfield
Ogden Isaac, butcher, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Ogden James, gardener & seedsman, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Ogden James, victualler, Old Ship, Charlestown
Ogden James, shopkeeper, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Ogden James, shopkeeper, 33 Old Street
Ogden James, tailor, 53 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Ogden John, retailer of beer, 51 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Ogden Joseph, shopkeeper, 131 Church Street
Ogden Robert, wood turner, Booth Street
Ogden Samuel, farmer, Park Cottage, Dukinfield
Ogden Sarah, butcher, 19 Old Street
Ogden Thomas, surgeon, 19 Old Street
Ogden William, victualler, Blue Bell, 52 Scotland Street
Oldham John, shopkeeper, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Oldham Mr Joseph, 75 Stamford Street
Oldham Mr Samuel, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Oldham Samuel, cotton spinner, 79 Stamford Street, house, 14 Church Street
Oldham Samuel & Son, shopkeepers, Hooley Hill
Oldham Thomas, auctioneer etc, Welbeck Street
Oldham Thomas, joiner, 9 Bentinck Street
Oliver John, smallware manufacturer & dealer, 93 Stamford Street
Oliver Samuel & Co, rope, twine & paper makers, Stamford Street
Ollerenshaw John, hat manufacturer, Bridge End
O'Neal, Francis, foreman, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Orme George, bookseller, binder, stationer and letterpress printer, 77 Old Street
Orme Ralph, retailer of beer, Currier Slack
Orme William, retailer of beer, 1 Mill Lane
Orrell & Mason, cotton spinners, Higher Bank Mill
Orrell James, gingham and fancy muslin manufacturer, Fleet Street, house, Rycroft
Orrell Misses, 231 Stamford Street
Orrell Thomas, pawnbroker, Portland Street
Oulton & Garside, cotton spinners, Charlestown
Oulton John, corn & flour dealer and cotton spinner, Grey Street
Ousey Edward, victualler, Stamford Arms, Stamford Street, Staly Bridge
Ousey Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 11 Old Street
Ousey George, cabinet maker, upholterer etc, 79 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Ousey James, butcher, Hurst Brook
Ousey James, shopkeeper, 63 Wellington Street
Ousey James, victualler, King's Arms, 67 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Ousey Mr Ralph, Heyrod Hall
Ousey Mr Thomas, Ridge Hill, Staly Bridge
Overseers' Office, Market Street

Parkinson Henry, cotton band maker, Park Parade
Patterson Robert, surgeon, 4 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Peace Jas, shopkeeper, 4 Chapel Street, Staly Bridge
Peacock Jas, retailer of beer, Duncan Street, Charlestown
Pearson Edward, retailer of beer, Spring Street, Staly Bridge
Pearson Isaac, shopkeeper, 61 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Pearson Samuel, tailor & draper, High Street, Dukinfield
Pearson Thomas, blacksmith, Wood Street, house, 2 Hill Street
Peck Samuel, shoemaker, High Street, Dukinfield
Pickering Thomas, shopkeeper, Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Pitt Richard, shoemaker, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Plant Mr William, Stamford Street, Staly Bridge
Platt Mrs Ann, High Street, Dukinfield
Platt, Daniel, Ashes, Staly
Platt Geo, cotton spinner, High Street, Dukinfield
Platt Jane, victualler, Astley's Arms, Spring Street, Staly Bridge
Platt John, retailer of beer, Cavendish Street
Platt John, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Platt Joseph, butcher, Hurst Brook
Platt Peter, cotton spinner, house, 208 Stamford Street
Platt Robert, cotton spinner, house, High Street, Dukinfield
Platt Robert & George, cotton spinners, 66 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Pooles & Stopford, hat manufacturers, Hooley Hill
Pooles William, hat manufacturer, house, Hooley Hill
Porter John, tin plate worker, 22 Warrington Street
Postles Thomas, spindle maker, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Potter James, linen draper, 97 Stamford Street
Potter John, shoemaker, Dukinfield Hall
Potter Paul, shopkeeper, 54 Cross Leech Street, Dukinfield
Presford Samuel, hair dresser, 178 Manchester Road
Price Joseph, shopkeeper, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Pring Thomas, printer, Plantation Lodge, Dukinfield
Pritchard John, boot & shoemaker, 20 Cricket Lane
Pritchard Thomas, victualler, King's Arms, 35 Old Street


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