Ashton Trade Directory 1832

inc. Dukinfield, Staly-Bridge, Hooley Hill and Neighbourhoods

extracted from Manchester & Salford Trade Directory 1832

ASHTON - Market Day, Saturday. Fairs; March 23rd, April 29th, July 25th and 21st November for cattle, pedlary and earthenware etc. STALYBRIDGE. Fair, 5th March for pedlary ware etc.

POST OFFICE, Stamford Street, Ashton, David Tinker, Postmaster - letters from MANCHESTER arrive every morning at eight, and every evening at six, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven, and every evening at a quarter past six.

POST OFFICE, Water Street, Stalybridge, Mrs Mary Ann Mather, Post Mistress - letters from MANCHESTER arrive every morning at half-past eight and every evening at six, and are despatched every morning at a quarter past seven, and every evening at six.

List of Trades and Professions in Alphabetical order


Adkin Henry, overlooker, 22 High Street, Dukinfield
Adshead Aaron, cotton spinner, h. Staley New Mills
Adshead Geo, cotton spinner, h. Staley New Mills
Adshead James & Brothers, cotton spinners, Staly
Adshead James, cotton spinner, house Wood, Staly
Adshead Jas, shopkeeper, Dukinfield
Ainsworth George, cotton spinner, house Staly
Ainsworth Henry, overlooker, 8 Hill Street, Ashton
Ainsworth John, smallware dealer, 16 Old Street
Ainsworth William, druggist, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Aitken Peter, shoemaker, 59 Park Street
Allen John, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Allkin Rev. Herbert, 5 Warrington Street
Andrew Abel, shopkeeper, Ryecroft
Andrew Eliz, toy dealer, 14 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Andrew George, shopkeeper, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Andrew Henry, greengrocer, 4 Market Cross
Andrew Jas, overlooker, Plantation Lodge, Dukinfield
Andrew James, shopkeeper, 22 Old Street
Andrew James, cotton spinner, house Old Street
Andrew James, shopkeeper, Botany
Andrew Jas & Jon, cotton spinners, Bentinck Street
Andrew John, corn dealer, Half Moon Street, Dukinfield
Andrew Jonathan, overlooker, Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Andrew John, cotton spinner, house Stamford Street
Andrew Jonathan, retailer of beer, Charlestown
Andrew Matt, victualler, Hunter's Tavern, 4 Stamford Street
Andrew Nathan, warehouseman, 27 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Andrew Samuel, victualler, Fleece, Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
Andrew Thomas Bentley, tea dealer and tobacconist, 75 Stamford Street
Appleton Edward, attorney, Grosvenor Street
Armitage Cyrus, cotton manufacturer, h. Old Mill, Dukinfield
Armitage Geroge, overlooker, Plantation lodge, Dukinfield
Armistead Isaac, hairdresser, 38 Old Street
Arnott John, manager, 22 Park Street
Arrandale Robert, retailer of beer, Dog Lane, Dukinfield
Ashmore John, shoemaker, 8 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
ASHTON CANAL CO.'s wharf, Bridge End, William Mellor, agent
Ashton James, shopkeeper, Portland Street
Ashton John, schoolmaster, George Street, Dukinfield
Ashton Joseph, victualler, White Bear, 9 Warrington Street
Ashton Robert, schoolmaster, Print Street, Hooley hill
Ashton Samuel, victualler, Hope & Anchor, Rasbottom Street, Stalybridge
Ashton Samuel, butcher, 54 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Ashton Walter, shopkeeper, 67 Old Street
Ashton William, boot and shoe maker, 19 George Street
Ashton William, victualler, Ashton Hotel, Warrington Street
Ashton William Henry, shopkeeper, New Road, Dukinfield
Ashworth Edmund, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Atkinson Robert, shoemaker, Davies Street, Dukinfield

Bagshaw Thomas, joiner etc, Hall Green, Dukinfield
Bamber James, shopkeeper, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Bamber Richard, tailor, Half Moon Street, Dukinfield
Banks Samuel, flour dealer, 185 Stamford Street
Barber James, overlooker, Currier Lane
Barber Jos, shoemaker, Cross Leech Street, Dukinfield
Barber Joseph, retailer of beer, 129 Church Street
Bardsley Alfred, dyer, Style Barn
Bardsley David, farmer, Hough Hill, Dukinfield
Bardsley James, Hatter, Hooley Hill
Bardlsey Jno, cabinet maker, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Bardsley Jos, brushmaker, house 61 Church Street
Bardsley Robert, whitesmith, Whitelands
Bardlsey William, butcher, 26 Old Street, Stalybridge
Barker Jane, earthenware dealer, 21 Stamford Street
Barrow Alice, shopkeeper, Charlestown
Barrow Thomas, victualler, Pit & Nelson and wine and spirit merchant, 52 Old Street
Bates John, bookkeeper, Gas Street, Dukinfield
Bates Samuel, Manager, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Batty John, shopkeeper, 76 Rasbottom Street, Stalybridge
Baxendale Joseph, hatter, Hooley Hill
Bayley Abel, cotton spinner, High Street, Dukinfield
Bayley Elizabeth, victualler, White Hart, 18 Rasbottom Street, Stalybridge
Bayley James, cotton spinner, Huddersfield Road
Bayley Mrs Mary, High Street, Dukinfield
Beaumont Squire, shoemaker, Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Beckwith Samuel, victualler, Spring Gardens Tavern, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Bell Thomas & Co, druggists, Stamford Street
Bellhouse David & Son, timber merchants, Wharf Street
Bennett Robert, attorney, 33 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Bennett Alfred, grocer, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Bennett Joseph, tailor, 39 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Bennett Jos, basket & skip maker, 58 Stamford Street
Bennett William, painter, 160 Stamford Street
Bernard George, clothes dealer, 43 Old Street
Berry Abdiel, accountant, 10 Rasbottom Street, Stalybridge
Betts John Joseph, auctioneer etc, 46 Cavendish Street
Bevan James, blacksmith, Staly
Bevan Samuel, victualler, Plumbers Arms, Stamford Street
Bevan William, druggist, 37 Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
Bevan William, smith & nail and chainmaker, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Bigwood Charles, circulating library, 107 Old Street
Billington Samuel, waste dealer, 217 Manchester Road, House Portland Street
Binns & Dean, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Binns Cs, ironmonger, 118 Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
Binns John, cotton spinner, h New Road, Dukinfield
Binns Manasseh, overlooker, 65 Caroline street, Dukinfield
Bintliff Godfrey, cooper, 129 Stamford Street
Bintliff Thomas, cabinet maker, 167 Stamford Street
Birch Henry, tin plate worker, 46 Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
Birchenhough Samson, shoe maker, King Street, Dukinfield
Bird John, retailer of beer, 268 Manchester Road
Bishop Thomas, bricklayer, 4 Booth Street
Blackshaw John, hatter, 153 Stamford Street
Blazeby Frederick, roller maker, h. 47 Bentinck Street
Boardman Ralph, plumber & glazier, 142 Stamford Street, house, 23 Booth Street
Boardman Thomas, plumber & glazier, Parson's Yard
Boardman William, plumber & glazier, 81 Old Street
Bogey John, joiner, Church Street
Bolton Christopher, butcher, 8 Mill Lane
Booth & Hilton, cotton spinners, Brierley Street, Staly
Booth Benjamin, butcher, 66 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Booth George, warehouseman, 11 Bentinck Street
Booth Henry, victualler, Rising Sun, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Booth John, watch & clockmaker 32 Scotland Street
Booth John, surgeon, 131 Stamford Street
Booth John, shoemaker, Old Street
Booth John, overlooker, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Booth Mary, linen draper, 116 Rassbottom Street, Stalybridge
Booth Richard, butcher, 55 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Booth Robert, hosier, 78 Stamford Street
Booth Thomas, shopkeeper and retailer of beer, 42 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Booth William, shopkeeper, 3 Scotland Street
Boothroyd Jos, cabinet maker, 3 Vaudrey Street, Dukinfield
Bowden James, shoemaker, 74 Church Street
Bower John, farmer, Staly Hall, Staly
Bower Joseph, shopkeeper, Set Street, Dukinfield
Bower William, plumber & glazier, 76 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Bowler Mrs Mary, Hooley Hill
Boyer Nancy, shopkeeper, 59 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Bradbury Charles, linen draper, High Street, Dukinfield
Bradbury Hannah, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Bradley James, plumber painter and glazier, 48 Delamere Street
Bradley Mary, victualler, Old General, New Road, Dukinfield
Bradley Samuel, retailer of beer, 23 Wellington Street
Bramhall James, tailor, 26 Wellington Street
Brammah Luke, retailer of beer, Hurst Brook
Brierley Isaac, dyer Water Side, house, Welbeck Street
Brierley James, fulling miller, 16 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Brierley John, shoemaker, 8 Hall Courts
Brierley John, bookseller & printer etc, 63 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Brierley John, shopkeeper, 44 Spring Street, Staly Bridge
Brierley Mary, shopkeeper, 2 Booth Street
Brierley Thomas, fancy dyer, 174 Manchester Road
Brinnand John, shoemaker, 1 Spring Street, Staly Bridge
Briscoe James, overlooker, 57 Park Street
Briscoe Goerge, shopkeeper, Hooley Hill
Briscoe William, joiner and builder, 111 Fleet Street
Broadbent Benjamin, farmer, Hough Hill, Dukinfield
Broadbent James Mr, 232 Stamford Street
Broadbent James, victualler, Three Tuns, 45 Scotland Street
Broadbent James, hatter, Hough Hill, Dukinfield
Broadbent John, watch and clock maker, 216 Stamford Street
Broadbent Samuel, shopkeeper, Cockerhill, Staly Bridge
Broadbent Samuel, butcher, Coalpit Lane, Dukinfield
Broadrick Ralph, shopkeeper, Half Moon, Dukinfield
Bromley James, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Bromley John, printer, Hooley Hill
Bromley John, coach proprietor, 112 Stamford Street
Bromley Samuel, victualler, Old Soldier, Haughton
Brooke James Brown, attorney and magistrate's clerk, 43 Stamford Street
Brooke Thomas, tailor and draper, 157 Stamford Street
Brooks and Brownson, academy, Mill Lane
Brooks John, scholmaster, house, 79 Oldham Road
Brooks John, shopkeeper, 65 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Brooks John, joiner and retailer of beer, 22 Back Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Brooks William, butcher, Rasbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Broome Charles, manager, Hooley Hill
Brownson Joseph, schoolmaster, house, 3 Booth Street
Brunton John, retailer of beer, 69 Oldham Road
Buchannan John, machine maker, Church Street
Buck Henry, tin plate worker, 23 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Buckley Abel, cotton spinner, Ryecroft
Buckley Allen, butcher, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Buckley & Howard, cotton spineers, Staly Mills
Buckley Ann, linen draper, 24 Old Street
Buckley Benjamin, grocer, 81 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Buckley Mrs Catherine, 16 Hall Courts
Buckley Charles, shopkeeper, 25 Delamere Street
Buckley Frederick, cotton spinner, house, Staly Mill
Buckley James, corn miller and grocer, Staly
Buckley James, muslin and gingham manufacturer, 6 Warrington Street
Buckley James, warehouseman, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Buckley James Smith, cotton spinner, house, 145 Stamford Street
Buckley Jesse, shoemaker, High Street, Dukinfield
Buckley John, spindle maker, 16 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Buckley John, tin plate worker, New Road, Dukinfield
Buckley John, shopkeeper, High Street, Dukinfield
Buckley John, victualler, Hare & Hounds, Staly Wood
Buckley Joseph, butcher, 12 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Buckley Joseph, bookkeeper, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Buckley Philip, victualler, Pack Horse, Cocker Hill, Staly
Buckley Richard, cotton spinner, house, Staly Mills
Buckley Robert, shopkeeper, Set Street, Dukinfield
Buckley Robert, farmer, Staly
Buckleys, Shaw & Co, bankers, (of Dobcross) open Wednesday and Saturday, 128 Stamford Street
Bullman Isaac & Sons, tailors and drapers, 56 Stamford Street
Bunting John, tailor, 16 Delamere Street
Burgess Arthur, victualler, Mason's Arms, Stamford Street
Burgess Henry, victualler, George & Dragon, 94 Old Street
Burgoine Jno, shoe, patten and clog maker, Hurst Brook
Burn James, overlooker, 70 Caroline street, Dukinfield
Burrows George, plumber etc, 133 Manchester Road
Burton Edward, bookkeeper, Gas Street, Dukinfield
Burton George, cotton spinner, house, 227 Stamford Street
Burton William, brass founder, Cross Leech street, Dukinfield
Butler George, shopkeeper, 13 Warrington Street
Butterworth James, cotton spinner, house, Heyrod
Butterworth Jas & Jas, cotton spiners, Heyrod
Byrom Mrs Ann, 22 Mill Lane
Byrom George, plumber & Glazier, Chapel Hill, Dukinfield
Byrom James, plumber & glazier, New Road, Dukinfield
Byron Robert, veterinary surgeon, 3 Stamford Street

Caine Philip, currier etc, 4 Mill Lane
Calvert C's, shopkeeper, 40 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Calvert Jas, shopkeeper, 12 Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Campbell John, physician, 114 Stamford Street
Carrill Thomas, paper and rag warehouse, 34 Old Street
Carter Alice, dressmaker, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Carter Jos, retailer of beer, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Cartledge, Geo, tailor, Gas Street, Dukinfield
Cartwright JC, manager, Hooley Hill
Catterall Richard, reed maker, 4 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Cash William, smith and farrier, New Road, Dukinfield
Chadwick Benjamin, retailer of beer, 13 Delamere Street
Chadwick Edward, cotton spinner, house, Higham Fold
Chadwick Elizabeth, milliner, High Street, Dukinfield
Chadwick Geo, bookkeeper, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Chadwick Mrs Fanny, Currier Slack
Chadwick Nancy, cotton spinner, Park Hall Mill, house, Throstle Nest
Chadwick Samuel, tailor, 17 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Chadwick William, bookkeeper, 36 Church Street
Chadwick William & John, cotton spinners, Currier Slack
Chambers James, tailor, 94 Stamford Street
Chapman Mrs Mary, Hurst Brook
Chapman Samuel, cotton spinner, Hurst Brook
Charlesworth Daniel, retailer of beer, 6 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Charlesworth Joshua, dealer in hay, Town Lane, Dukinfield
Cheetham & Hill, cotton spinners, Hollins Mill, Dukinfield
Cheetham David, cotton spinner, house, Hollins, Dukinfield
Cheetham David, cotton spinner, house Hough Hill, Staly
Cheetham Deken, druggist, Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Cheetham Edward, butcher and retailer of beer, High Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham George, surgeon, Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham Geo & Sons, cotton spinners, Castle Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham Geo Fredk, cotton spinner, house, Hough Hill, Staly
Cheetham James, hatter, Hooley Hill
Cheetham Jeremiah, manager, High Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham Jno, cotton spinner, Hough Hill, Staly
Cheetham John, linen draper and agent to the Manchester Fire Office, 102 Rassbottom Street, Staly
Cheetham Joshua, grocer, High Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham Joshua, shopkeeper, Bayley's Buildings, Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Cheetham Samuel, grocer, 16 George Street
Cheetham Samuel, blacksmith, Hooley Hill
Cheetham Thomas, surgeon, 65 Stamford Street
Chetwode Rev. Geo. MA, rector, Rectory House
Chorlton James, whitesmith, 85 Church Street, and retailer of beer, 5 Booth Street
Chorlton John, victualler, Seven Stars, Church Street
Clapham Jas, shopkeeper, 54 King Street, Staly Bridge
Clark John, mechanic, 20 Hall Courts
Clarke Samuel, bookkeeper, Hooley Hill
Clarkson Benjamin, tailor & draper, Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
Clay Charles, surgeon, 128 Stamford Street
Clay Charles & Co, pill box makers, 30 Crickett Lane
Clay Dorothy, shopkeeper, Coal Pit Lane, Dukinfield
Clay Geo, boot and shoe maker, 161 Stamford Street
Clayton James, tailor, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Clayton John, overlooker, Saltpie Row, Dukinfield
Clayton William, painter & gilder, Oldham Road, Charlestown
Clegg William, watch & clock maker, 54 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Cleminson John Jackson, tin plate worker, New Road, Dukinfield
Clews Jas, boot and shoe maker, 61 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Clough Nancy, shopkeeper, 1 Booth Street
Coates Benjamin Dutton, surgeon, 34 Delamere Street
Cocker James, shopkeeper, Staly
Cocker Thomas, shoemaker, 25 Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Coe Richard, hatter , Back Grosvenor Street, Dukinfield
Coe William, gardener, Cross
Collier Aaron, shopkeeper, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Collier Samuel, grocer & flour dealer, King Street and Furnace Hill, Dukinfield
Colling Daniel, shoemaker, Rye Croft
Collins Jeremiah, reedmaker, Style Barn
Collins John, reedmaker, Style Barn
Collins Joseph, joiner, Hooley Hill
Collins Samuel, shopkeeper, 71 Old Street
Commins Alexander, shopkeeper, 89 Old Street
Cook George, victualler, Eagle Inn, Staly
Cooke John, bookkeeper, Hooley Hill
Cook James, fruiterer, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Cook the Misses, Ashes, Staly
Cook Samuel, shoemaker, Hooley hill
Cooke Betty, shopkeeper, 7 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Cooke Mr Geo, 59 Caroline Street, Dukinfield
Cooke Mr James, Stocks Staly
Cooke James, hatter, Cocker Hill, Stalybridge
Cooke Samuel, victualler, Rising Sun, 8 Old Street, Staly Bridge
Cooke William, butcher, 14 Rassbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Cooke Mr John, Bank Parade, Staly Bridge
Cooke the Misses, Ashes, Stalybridge
Cooke Samuel, shoemaker, Hooley Hill
Cooke Betty, shopkeeper, 7 Old Street Staly Bridge
Cooke Mr Geo, 59 Caroline Street, Dukifield
Cooke Mr James, Stocks, Staly
Cooke James, hatter, Cocker Hill, Staly Bridge
Cooke Samuel, victualler, Rising Sun, 8 Old Street, Staly
Cooke William, butcher, 14 Rasbottom Street, Staly Bridge
Cookson James, victualler, Bull's Head, 41 Scotland Street
Cooper Abraham, boot etc maker, 5 Queen Street, Staly
Copley James, shopkeeper, 37 Mill Lane
Copley Thomas, manager at Gas Works, 97 Oldham Street
Corley John, retailer of beer, Canning Street
Corus Robert, ironmonger, 110 Stamford Street
Cotterill John, shopkeepr, Set Street, Dukinfield
COURT OF REQUESTS, Old Street, John Bromley Clerk, (court day once in three weeks)
Courtman William, shopkeeper, Hurst Brook
Cowburn Henry, plumber & glazier, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Cowburn Hugh, plumber & glazier, Print Street, Hooley Hill
Cowley Samuel, timber merchant & brick maker, Warrington Street, house, Duke Street
Cox Charles, victualler, William the Fourth, and spirit dealer, 219 Stamford Street
Cox James, joiner, Mill Lane
Crofts Mary, earthenware dealer, Davies Street, Dukinfield
Crompton John, butcher and retailer of beer, Bridge Street, Dukinfield
Crompton Rev. Samuel, 210 Stamford Street
Culpon William, shopkeeper, St Helena, Dukinfield
Cunningham Elizabeth, retailer of beer, Currier Lane
Cunningham Thomas, bookseller, stationer, printer, music seller and tea dealer, 32 Stamford Street
Cuttle Thomas, butcher, 41 High Street, Dukinfield


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