Cabinet Cards1880 - 1900 and Postcards from 1900

Points to watch:

Card thicker again, and from 1898 square corners again - also Postcards from 1898
Frock coats have gone out and men wear lounge suites with high button up collars and narrow lapels
Ladies start to wear power suits and a variety of hairstyles

Our Cousin's likeness to his great great grandfather.

The top left is Selina Stanley (Newton) she created the album and to her right is one of her brothers Frank Newton

Next six of Robert Stanley and his wife Emma Meredith's 11 children, Selena married one of their absent brothers. I dated this photograph from the age of the youngest child, Alice, at the time of the 1881 census.

One of Selena's babies, Dean Stanley.

Fabulous photograph of Roughsedge WAllwork he married one of Selena's sisters, Minerva. He owned Wallwork Engineering in Manchester.

Another wonderful photograph of Roughsedge's children, very naturalsistic. The little boy in the middle competed in the Paris Olympics as an Ice Skater.

The last photograph is of the father of those six Stanleys, he converted to Islam in the 1890s.

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