Ashton-under-Line (part two: O-End)

Audenshaw, Denton Dukinfield, Fairfield, Gee-cross, Haughton, Hooley-hill, Hyde, Openshaw and Stayley-bridge

extracted from Manchester & District Trade Directory 1821/22

Ogden, Roe & Schofield, coal proprietors, Openshaw
Ogden George, victualler, Red Lion, Hooley Hill
Ogden Hannah, draper and hosier, 5 George Street
Ogden Thomas, surgeon, Chruch Street
Oldham Charles, victualler, Rising Sun, Bradbury
Oldham Charles, victualler, Black Eagle, Broadoak, near Gee Cross
Oldham Joseph and Samuel, cotton spinners, Henrietta Street
Oldham Samuel, shopkeeper, Hooley Hill
Oldham Thomas, cabinet maker, auctioneer and broker, Scotland Street
Ollerenshaw John, hat manufacturer, Bridge End
Orrell Thomas, Sons & Co, cotton spinners, Stayley Bridge
Orrell James, cotton maunfacturer, Crickett Street
Orrell Mary, linen draper, Stamford Street
Oulton John, corn and porter dealer, Gray Street
Ousey John, butcher, Old Street
Ousey William, muslin manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Parkinson Henry, straw hat manufacuters, 13 George Street
Parr Samuel, victualler, Pack Horse, Openshaw
Peacock, John & Son, hat manufacturers, Denton
Peacock Zachariah, shopkeeper, Denton
Pearson Isaac, corn dealer, Stayley-bridge
Plant William, wheelwright, Stayley-bridge
Platt George, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Platt Joshua, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Platt, Joshua, victualler, Free Mason's Arms, Scotland Street
Pohlman Rev. CA , moravian minister, Fairfield
Porter John, iron-monger and tin-plate worker, Stamford Street
Porter Thomas, victualler, Grey Mare, Bradford
Porter Thomas, coach proprietor, Bradford
Potter James, baker and flour dealer, Crickett Street
Prestwich James, muslin manufacturer, Audenshaw
Pritchard Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Old Street
Pritchard John, shoe warehouse, Crickett Street
Raw John, victualler, Hare & Hounds, Hirst Cross
Redfern William, butcher, Denton
Reyner Thomas and Sons, fancy manufacturers, Bank-top
Reyner Nehemiah, grocer and flour dealer, 15 Old Street
Rhodes Thomas, dyer, Stayley-bridge
Rider John, bleacher, Bradford
Ridgway Edward, butcher, Droylsden
Riley Peter, victualler, Black Horse, Hooley Hill
Roberts Robert, victualler, Star Inn, Manchester Road
Rowbotham John, grocer & flour dealer, Hooley-hill
Royle John, hat manufacturer, Bradbury
Sale Thomas, linen draper, Denton
Saville George and Matthew, tailors and drapers, velveteen and straw hat manufacturers and tea dealers, Stamford Street
Savill Joseph, linen draper and hosier, hat and straw bonnet manufacturer, Stamford Sreet
Saxon Joseph, cotton spinner, Delamere Street
Say Robert, calico printer, Clayton
Schofield Jas, victualler, Bull's Head, Scotland Street
Schofield Samuel, linen draper, Scotland Street
Schofield John, victualler, Bull's Head, Audenshaw
Schofield ------, victualler and timber merchant, Angel, Audenshaw
Scholes Wiliam, grocer and flour dealer, 12 George Street
Shaw Hugh, cotton spinner, Currier Lane
Shaw John, cotton spinner, Hazel-hurst
Shaw Jubal, victualler, Golden Lion, Stamford Street
Shaw Jos., baker and flour dealer, Hurst-brook
Shaw William, victualler, Navigation Inn, Hyde
Shawcross John, bleacher, Droylsden
Sidebotham Henry and Brothers, cotton spinners, Houghton Bank
Sidebotham Nathan and Son, spinners and manufacturers, Kingston, Hyde
Sidebotham William and Co, cotton spinners, Apethorn Mill, Cheshire
Sidebottom Elizabeth, cloth dresser, Stayley-bridge
Slack John, currier and leather cutter, Stamford Street
Slater John, victualler and butcher, Old Boar's Head, Cross
Slater James, drysalter, Openshaw
Slater John, grocer and flour dealer, 6 George Street
Slater John, shopkeepr, Fairfield
Slater John, shoemaker, Houghton
Slater Jonathan, grocer and flour dealer, Cricket Street
Slater Thomas, butcher, Scotland Street
Smith James, cabinet maker & auctioneer, Cricket Street
Smith John & Sons, cotton spinners, Gray Street
Smith Joshua, boot and shoemaker, Stayley-bridge
Smith William, stocking manufactuer, Stamford Street
Spencer Edmund, boot shoe, clog & patten maker, Old Street
Spencer John, clog and pattern maker, Old Street
Spencer Thomas, flour dealer, Hurst Brook
Southall John, boot and shoe warehouse, Square
Stanfield Richard, cotton spinner, Bankfield-mill
Stanley Alice, victualler, Gate, Audenshaw
Stanley Samuel, victualler, Brown Cow, Old Street
Stanley and Lees, machine makers, brass and ironfounders, Oldham Road
Stansfield Samuel, draper, grocer etc., Stayley-bridge
Steel Jeremiah, farmer and butcher, Openshaw
Stephenson William, painter, Mill Lane
Stones James, timber merchant, Stamford Street
Stopford Adam and Brothers, har manufacturers, Audenshaw
Stopford Adam, hat manufacturer, Hooley Hill
Stopford John, cotton spinner, Foundry Street
Stopford William, vcitualler, Beaver, Audenshaw
Street Samuel, druggist and grocer, Cross
Summerfield Joseph, tailor, Fairfield
Sutcliffe Rev. J, independent minister, Church Street
Swallow ----------, victualler Royal Oak, Stayley-bridge
Swift William, timber merchant, Stamford Street
Swindells James, saddler, Stayley-bridge
Sykes Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, 7 Old Street
Taylor Joshua, iron founder, Foundry Street
Taylor John, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Taylor William & Sons, cotton manufacturers, Old Street
Thacker Joseph, iron monger, Stamford Street
Thorneley John, coal proprietor, Clayton
Thorneley Robert, victualler, Angel, Houghton
Thorneley and Bowker, hat manufacturers, Audenshaw
Thorneley William, hat manufacturer, Openshaw
Tinker David, chemist and ruggist, postmaster and agent to the Royal Exchange Fire Office, Scotland Street
Tipping George, yarn bleacher, Openshaw
Tomlinson John, linen draper and traw hat manufacturer, Stamford Street
Tomlinson John and Co, iron and brass founders, Currier Lane
Townsend John, plumber and glazier, Old Street
Trannaker Rev. Ignatious, Moravian Minister, Fairfield
Travis Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Old Street
Turner Betty, baker and flour dealer, Old Street
Turner John, saddler, Henrietta Street
Turner Joseph, spinner and manufacturer, Godley
Turner Thomas, spinner and manufacturer,Godley
Tyrell Miss, governess of the seminary for needlework, Fairfield
Vaudrey William, bone dealer and wool carder, Bradbury
Wade John, butcher, Stayley-bridge
Wagstaff & Sidebottom, cotton spinners, Currier Lane
Wagstaff Luke, spindle maker, Stayley-bridge
Walkden Peter, saddler, Old Street
Walker James, cotton manufacturer, Harper House
Walker John, grocer and flour dealer,
Walker John, cotton manufacturer and hat lining cutter, Openshaw
Walker Robert, victualler, appraiser and auctioneer, Dog & Partridge, George Street
Walker Samuel, grocer and tea dealer, Scotland Street
Walker William, joiner & cabinet maker, Style Barn
Walmsley James, stone mason, Stamford Street
Walton Mrs, butcher, Stayley-bridge
Warburton Sampel, tailor, Denton
Wareing John & William, cotton spinners, Stayley-bridge
Westun Christopher, gardener & seedsman, Old Street
Whalley-Melling, victualler, Boar's Head, Stayley-bridge
White Betty, woollen draper, Stayley-bridge
White George, plumber & glazier, Hyde
Whitehead Edward, victualler, Highland Laddie, Old Street
Whitehead Jac., victualler, Rising Sun, Hooley-hill
Whitehead and Brothers, hat manufacturers, Delemere Street
Whittaker John, spinner and manufacturers, Higher Hurst
Whyatt George and Samuel, dyers, Openshaw
Wild Elias and Brother, ironmongers and whitesmiths, Bradbury
Wilkinson and Mazeldine, machine makers, Stayley-bridge
Williamson Cornelius, silk mercer, linen & woollen draper, and agent to the Norwich Union fire office, Old Street
Williamson George, grocer and agent to the West of England fire office, 19 Old Street
Williamson Charles, grocer and flour dealer, Old Street
Williamson Thomas and W. grocers and flour dealers,Old Street
Williamson Roger, blacksmith and wheelwright, Audenshaw
Williamson Samuel, victualler, Cock, Denton
Williamson William, surgeon, Old Street
Wilson James, cotton spinner, Throstle Nest and Cock Brook
Wood Mary, shoe warehouse, New Street
Wood Richard, gardener, Scotland Brook
Wood John, victualler and brickmaker, Swan, Scotland Street
Wood and Harrop, spinners and manufacturers, Stamford Street
Wood & Cordingley, hat manufacturers, Fairfield
Wood George, calico printer, Clayton
Wood John, lime-burner, Romily
Woodall John, boot-maker, Stayley-bridge
Woodruff James, agent for Helps, Ray & Co, cotton manufacturers, Stocks
Woolley John, sizer, Stayley-bridge
Worthington John, victualler, Lamb, Old Street
Worthington Ralph, victualler, Stamford Arms, Stamford Street
Wright, Finnegan & Co, cotton manufacturers, Wrights Buildings
Wright Joseph and Co, spinners and manufacturers, Flash-hall Mill
Wright William and Joseph, spinners and manufacturers, Oldham Road
Wright William and Joseph, shopkeeper and coal dealer, Droylsden
Wrigley Joshua, victualler, Angel, Stayley-bridge
Wych James, timber merchant, Old Street
Wych John, timber merchant, Old Street
Wych Thomas, wheelwright, Denton

David Tinker, Post master, Office Scotland Street, ---mail from Manchester arrives at 10 o'clock in the morning and departs at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, every day (Sunday excepted).


From the Globe Inn, Scotland Street, Ashton, ---The Traveller to Manchester, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings at 8 o'clock and returns the same evening at 7 o'clock, --- The Merry Tradesman (Glossop Coach), to Manchester every Tuesday and Saturday morning at 8 o'clock, and returns the same evening at half-past 5 o'clock.

Stayley-bridge Post Office, James Buckley, Post-master, ---- letters arrive at 11 o'clock in the morning, and are sent off at 4 o'clock in the evening.


From Stayley-bridge, ---Two Market Coaches to Manchester, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at half-past 7 o'clock, and returns the same evening at 8 o'clock.


William Thomas, Dungeon Street, to Manchester, every morning at 9 o'clock and returns the same evening.

John Boardman, Old Street, every morning to Manchester, and returns the same evening.

William Hassall, Stayley-bridge, to Manchester, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Joseph Platt, Stayley-bridge, to Manchester, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

George Sanderson, Stayley-bridge, to Manchester every day.

A regular conveyance of goods by water, ----Edward Love, agent.

Widow Ousey, Stayley-bridge, to Manchester, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

John Counsel, Denton to Manchester daily.

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