Ashton-under-Line (part one: A-N)

Audenshaw, Denton Dukinfield, Fairfield, Gee-cross, Haughton, Hooley-hill, Hyde, Openshaw and Stayley-bridge

extracted from Manchester & District Trade Directory 1821/22

Ainsworth George, baker, flour dealer, and grocer, Stayley-bridge
Alger Robert, victualler, Crown Inn, Market Place
Allott Moses, nail maker, Stayley-bridge
Andrew Samuel, victualler, Fleece, Stayley-bridge
Andrew Thomas and Sons, calico printers, Compstall
Ashton Canal Warehouse, Bridge-end, Jonathan Lees, agent
Ashton John, corn miller, Hyde-mill
Ashton Samuel, shopkeeper, Haughton
Ashton Samuel, cotton spinner, Apethorn Mill, Gee Cross
Ashton Samuel, victualler, Hope & Anchor, Stayley-bridge
Ashton Thomas , James and John, spinners and manufactuers, Hyde
Ashton William, victualler White Bear, Warrington Street
Ashworth Wm & Son, hat manufacturers, Haughton
Attye Rev. I K, minister of the chapel, Stayley-bridge
Axon John, chapel clerk and joiner, Denton
Bamford Joseph, victualler, New Inn, Fairfield
Bardsley William, butcher, Stayley-bridge
Bardsley & Son and Bowler, hat manufacturers, Hyde-house, Hooley Hill
Bardsley John, victualler Red Lion, Denton
Bardsley William, victualler Wellington & Blucher, Crickets Lane
Barrow Thomas, victualler, Pitt & Nelson, Old Street
Bayley Mary and Son, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Bayley James, spinner & manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Bayley Mary, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Beeley Thomas, schoolmaster, Denton
Bell Thomas, chemist and druggist, Old Street
Bennett Jos., basket & skip maker, Stamford Street
Bentley J R & W, hat manufacturers
Bentleys and Wilkinson, cotton manufacturers, Audendshaw
Binns Joshua,Son, and Dean, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Binns John, cotton spinner, house Stamford Street
Binns Charles, blacksmith, Stayley-bridge
Birch William, tin-plate worker, Stayley-bridge
Birchenough Charles, victualler, White Bear, Bradbury
Birtenshaw Mary, victualler, King's Head, Droylsden
Boardman Thomas, plumber & glazier, Parson's Yard
Bolland John, shoemaker and shopkeeper, Old Street
Bolsover Charles, corn dealer, Stayley-bridge
Bond Richard & Son, hat manufacturers, Broom-house, Denton
Booth Henry, spinner and shopkeeper, Gee Cross
Booth Henry and James, hat manufacturers, Denton
Booth John, surgeon, Scotland Street
Booth John, boot and shoemaker, Old Street
Booth John, victualler, Blue Pig, Audenshaw
Booth Mary, linen draper, Stayley-bridge
Booth Mrs., vicitualler, Astley's Arms, Dukinfield
Booth Ralph, grocer and corn dealer, Gee Cross
Booth William, grocer & flour dealer, Scotland Street
Bowler George, hat manufacturer, Denton
Bradbury James, painter, Old Street
Bradley John, victualler, Old General, Dukinfield
Bradley Susan, victualler, Eagle & Child, Old Street
Brierley Thomas, dyer, Manchester Road
Briscow George, shopkeeper, Hooley Hill
Broadbent James, tallow chandler, Style Barn
Bromeley Samuel, victualler, Old Soldier, Denton
Bromley William and Son, hat manufactuers, Denton-house
Brown and Clayton, coal proprieters, Hyde and Haughton Colliery
Brundrett James, dyer, Clayton
Buchanan John, watch and clock maker, Scotland Street
Buck Henry, brazier, Stayey-bridge
Buckley Ann, linen draper, Old Street
Buckley Edmund, copperas manufacturer, Droylsden
Buckley James, post master, Stayley-bridge
Buckley James, grocer, Stayley-bridge
Buckley John & Sons, woollen manufacturers, Stayley-bridge
Buckley John, victualler, Pack Horse, Stayley-bridge
Buckley Jos., woollen manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Buckley Mrs., tallow chandler, Stayley-bridge
Bullman Isaac, tailor & draper, Stamford Street
Burgoyne John, boot and shoe makers, Hurst-brooks
Burgoyne Matthew, shoe and pattern maker, Old Street
Buston Samuel, builder and architect, Droylsden
Campbell John M.D. and surgeon, Cross
Catlaw George, white-hat manufacturers, Mill-hill, Denton
Chadwick Benjamin,victualler, Horse Shoe, Old Street
Chapman Samuel, cotton spinner, Mount Pleasant, near Ashton
Cheetham George, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Cheetham John, surgeon, Gee Cross
Cheetham John, chemist and druggist, Stayley-bridge
Chetwode Rev. George, vicar, Rectory
Clare Joseph, victualler, New Inn, Openshaw
Clarke G H esq, Hyde Mill
Clay Joseph, corn miller, Arden-mill
Clayton James, butcher and shopkeeper, Audenshaw
Collins Jeremiah, reed-maker, Style Barn
Cocker James, grocer etc., Stayley-bridge
Cook Abraham, shopkeepr and earthenware dealer, Denton
Cook Elizabeth, victualler, Spread Eagle, Stayley-bridge
Cook George, victualler, New Inn, Stayley-bridge
Cook James, grocer etc, Stayley-bridge
Cook John, hat manufacturer, Denton
Cook John, victualler, White Hart, Stayley-bridge
Cook Samuel, victualler, Sun, Stayley-bridge
Cook William and Edward, hat manufacturers, Denton
Cook William, victualler, Chapel House, Denton
Cooke Thomas, victualler, Spread Eagle, Bradbury
Cordingley Dav. tailor & draper, Audenshaw
Cordingley John, tailor and draper, Warrington Street
Corus Elizabeth, tea dealer, 31 Stamford Street
Cowley William, architect, Fairfield
Crabtree John, blacksmith, Haughton
Cunningham Thomas, printer, bookseller, stationer, book-binder, dealer in paper, music and musical instruments, perfumery, and extensive circulating library, and subscription news-room and agent to the London genuine Tea Company, 8 Scotland Street.
Davies Robert, spinner, Dukinfield
Davis Rev. Thomas, Booth Street
Dean James, butcher Stayley-bridge
Dearden John, hat manufacturer, Denton
Denton Joshua and Son, hat manufacturers, Denton
Dooley William, tailor. Scotland Street
Drake John, victualler, Seven Stars, Hurst-brooks
Dyson James, victualler, White Hart, Hooley Hill
Dyson Thomas and Co, cotton spinners, Currier's Lane
Enshaw William, spinner, Dukinfield
Etchells Gamaliel, hat manufacturer, Droylsden
Etchells William, linen draper, Stamford Street
Everingham William, farmer and shopkeeper, Cross
Farmer William, baker and flour dealer, Cross
Fletcher John, cow dealer and shopkeeper, Old Street
Fowler and Wilde, earthenware manufactuerers, Oldham Road
Fox Acton, victualler, Trail Hunt, Audenshaw
France Rev.J N curate of the parish church and surrogate, Rectory
Garfitt William, tailor, Droylsden
Garside James, shopkeeper and butcher, Droylsden
Garside Jonathan, woollen manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Garside Samuel, smith and ironmonger, Flash-hall
Gaskell James, baker and flour dealer, Cross-lane-head
Gee John, victualler King's Head, Romliey
Gibbon John, attorney, Stamford Street
Gibbon William, attorney, New Street
Gibbon William, mercer and draper, Crickett Street
Gillibrand John,victualler, Ring-o'-bells, Cross
Gilpin John, joiner and carpenter, Fairfield
Goddard Edward, victualler, Royal Oak, Scotland Street
Godley Betty, victualler, Grapes, Gee Cross
Gould Robert, reed maker, Style Barn
Gregory Joseph, boot and shoe maker, Stamford Street
Greswell Rev. W Parr, minister of Denton Chapel, Boarding School, Denton
Grimshaw J and J, check manufacturers, Audenshaw
Hadfield Edward, corn and porter dealer, Stayley-bridge
Hadfield Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Droylsden
Hadfield William, baker and flour dealer, Warrington Street
Hague Esther, milliner, Cross-lane-head
Hague John, shoemaker and leather-cutter, Crickett Street
Hague J G, attorney, Henrietta Street
Hague Samuel, victualler, Boy and Barrel, Gee Cross
Haigh Abraham, grocer and flour dealer, Warrington Street
Haigh Daniel, grocer and earthenware dealer, Hurst-brooks
Hall James, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Hall John, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Hall John, linen draper, Square
Hall Lawrence and Ralph, check manufacturers, Opesnhaw
Hammond Tomas, painter, Scotland Street
Hallworth Samuel, baker and flour , Delamere Street
Harding William, shoemaker and leather-seller, Old Street
Hardy John, shopkeeper and hat manufacturer, Denton
Harker Simon, hat manufacturer, Red-hill
Harrison Thomas and Sons, spinners and manufacturers, Stayley-bridge
Harrison William, victualler, White Hart, Droylsden
Harrop James, victualler, Angel (excise-office), Market Place
Harrop James, brickmaker, Warrington Street
Harrop James, shopkeeper, Openshaw
Harrop Joseph, grocer etc., Warrington Street
Hawcourt John, victualler, Ship, Charlestown
Hawkyard Joel, land surveyor (agent to the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life Offices), Stamford Street
Heap Joseph, auctioneer, Stayley-bridge
Heap Robert, spirit merchant, 77 Old Street
Heginbottom John and Son, spinners and manufacturers, Hurst Brook
Heginbottom John and Samuel, spinners and manufactuers, Charlestown
Heginbottom John, attorney, Crickett's Lane
Heginbottom John, cotton spinner, Stamford Street
Heginbottom Joseph, attorney, Scotland Street
Hegibottom Samuel Esq., Croft House
Heywood Richard, pawnbroker, 19 Stamford Street
Higginbottom J, wool carder, Dukinfield
Hilton James, victualler, Collier's Arms, Hurst-brooks
Hilton Randall, cotton spinner, Godley
Hilton William, fishmonger, Old Street
Hindley John, cotton manufacturer, Fairfield
Hindley I F and Brother, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Hinley Charles, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Hodcroft Peter, victualler, Cow and Calf, Bradbury
Holt Peter, farrier, Scotland Street
Horsfield Joseph, spinner and manufacturer, Hyde
Howard Charles and Thomas, cotton spinners, Dukinfield
Howard, Eilzabeth, confectioner, Stamford Street
Howard John and Nathaniel, cotton spinners, Stamford Street
Howard John and Nathan, cotton spinners, Henrietta Street
Howard John, grocer and flour dealer, Dungeon Street
Howard John, spinner and manufacturer, Hyde
Howard John, blacksmith, Stayley-bridge
Howard Joseph and Brother, hat and cotton maufacturers, Haughton
Howard William, victualler, Kings Head, Square
Howarth John, manufacturer, Droylsden
Howarth Benjamin, manufacturer, Droylsden
Howarth Daniel, manufacturer, Audenshaw
Howarth Henry, silk and cotton manufacturer, Audenshaw
Hulme James, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Hutton Joseph, surgeon, Stayley-bridge
Hyde David, ironmonger, Stayley-bridge
Hyde Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Hyde
Ingham George, victualler, Duke of York, Charlestown
Ingham Robert, butcher , Audenshaw
Jackson Jeremiah, Boot and shoemaker, Fairfield
James Richard, tailor, Fairfield
Johnson Henry, grocer & draper, Stayley-bridge
Johnson John, tailor, draper and hosier, 4 George Street
Jowett James, hat manufacturer, Openshaw
Kennerley John, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Kenworthy & Swire, coal proprietors, Heys, Ashton-under-Line
Kenworthy & Swire, cotton spinners and manufacturers, New Street
Kenworthy Mary, grocer and draper, Oversteads
Kershaw Hugh, muslin manufacturer,
Kershaw J & J, cotton spinners, Church Lane
Kershaw John, butcher, Stamford Street
Kershaw Robert, butcher, Scotland Street
Kershaw Thomas, butcher, Old Street
Kinder George, woollen manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Kinder Thomas, shopkeeper, Hyde
Kirk & McCandlish, hat manufacturers, Denton
Kirk James, blacksmith, Foundry Street
Kirk Simeon, iron-monger, George Street
Kirkman Joseph, clogger, Hooley Hill
Knight Thomas, grocer and flour dealer, Old Street
Knight John, butcher, Denton
Knott Samuel, corn dealer, Fairfield
Knowles Charles, surgeon, Hyde
Knowles James, victualler, New Inn, Hooley Hill
Langford Elizabeth, grocer and flour dealer, Old Street
Latham Robert, grocer, Stamford Street
Lawton and Roe, machine makers, Stayley-bridge
Lawton Robert, woollen manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Lawton William, woollen manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Lee John, victualler, Free Masons' Arms, Denton
Leech James, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Leech Samuel, victualler, Three Crowns, Old Street
Leech Samuel, straw hat manufacturer, Stamford Street
Leech William, butcher, Cross-lane-end
Leech John, spinner and manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Leeds Thomas, cotton spinner, Werneth
Lees & Leigh, corn millers & cotton spinners, Ashton Mills
Lees Edward, victualler, Globe Tavern, Scotland Street
Lees Henry, victualler, George & Dragon, Old Street
Lees Henry, linen draper & stamp office, Scotland Street
Lees John & Sons, spinners & manufacturers, Stayley-bridge
Lees Robert, cotton spinner and manufacturers, Dukinfield
Lees Samuel, watch and clock maker and dealer in glass and china, Stamford Street
Lees Thomas, spinner & manufacturer, Stayley-bridge
Lees William, coal merchant, Lower-hurst
Leigh Edward, wool carder, Bradbury
Leigh Thomas, druggist and grocer, Stamford Street
Lewis Edward & Co, spinners & manufacturers, Ryecroft
Lidster John, attorney, Bradbury
Liley Rev. James, academy, Fairfield
Lingard John, grocer and flour dealer, Crickett's-lane
Linley James, currier, Stayley-bridge
Linney William, cotton manufacturer, Droylsden
Lithgoe John, shopkeeper, Openshaw
Lomax John, plumber & glazier, Old Street
Lord James, leather-cutter and shoe warehouse, 5 Old Street
Love Edward, canal agent, Stayley-bridge
Lowe Joseph, baker and flour dealer, Old Street
Lowe Robert, coal proprietor, Haughton
Lowe Robert Junior, blacksmith, Denton
Lowe William, victualler, Arden Arms, Castle Hill near Denton
Lowe William, millwright and smith, Scotland Street
Lupton Gabriel, victualler, King's Head, Denton
McDonald Samuel, whitesmith, Foundry Street
Marland William, victualler, Wheat Sheaf, Square
Marsden and Hallsworth, reed-makers, Foundry Street
Marsden William, rope-maker, Old Street
Mason Thomas & Co, cotton spinners, Currier Lane
Mason Thomas, draper, flour dealer etc., Stayley-bridge
Mayers William, grocer and dealer in patent medicines, Old Street
Mellor & Earnshaw, cotton spinners, Manchester Road
Mellor James, attorney, Warrington Street
Mellor James, cotton spinner, Stayley-bridge
Mellor Thomas, calico printer, Hooley Hill
Mercer Edward, clog & patten maker, Scotland Street
Metcalf John, druggist & grocer, Old Street
Methodist Chapel, Denton
Miller Jac. flour dealer and grocer, Hirst-green
Miller James & Son, hat manufacturers, Denton
Miller John, surgeon, Fairfield
Miller John, salt manufacturers, Fairfield
Moore Rev. Thomas, Moravian Minister, Fairfield
Morris John, surgeon, Scotland Street
Moss Samuel, joiner & builder, Square
Moss Thomas, confectioner, Scotland Street
Newton Abraham, victualler, Charlestown
Newton James, grocer & flour dealer, Scotland Street
Newton John & Co, timber merchants, Bridge-end
Newton John & Co, spinners, Dukinfield
Newton Robert, baker and flour dealer, Charlestown
Newton Samuel, sheriff's officer, Crickett Street

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