Early Slavery


  • Portugese slave ship sailed from Luanda in Angola towards VeraCruz 1619

  • Seized by Dutch and English Privateer Vessels "White Lion" and "Treasurer"

  • The Dutch ship landed at Port Comfort south of Jamestown and traded 20 of their slaves for provisions

  • Angela 1625 was listed in a Muster Roll as the servant of Captain William Pierce
  • Jamestown Museum website: http://www.historyisfun.org/From-Africa-to-Virginia.htm
Daguerre Photos

This family moved from Louisiana to New York in 1845, whereupon they freed all their slaves, but this nurse stayed with the family.
Taken at Southworth August 1845 the branded hand of Captain Jonathan Walker by the US Marshall of the District of Florida for having helped 7 men to obtain "Life. Liberty and Freedom".
For more 1840s photos of America visit The Dageurreian Society

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