County of Chester to wit for the Township of WERNETH in the said County:

AN ASSESSMENT made in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 37th year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Third for granting an Audit for His Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain for the Service of this year one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven.

AND ALSO in pursuance of another Act of Parliament passed in the 20th year of his said Majesty for regulating County elections.

Names of ProprietorsNames of OccupiersThe Parcels ratedsd
William Egerton EsqNanny ArundaleHigham's Farm2 18 4
...William BoothGee Cross Fold218
...Jonathan HarrisonThe Grapes150
...James SimisterApethorne118
...Thomas HarrisonHarrison Farm184
...William TaylorLousythorne126
...Joseph HarrisonBack o'th Hill Sidebottoms
Back o'th Hill Simisters
...William RowbothamBack o'th Hill-118
...Nathaniel GeeBack o'th Hill-150
...David JacksonSpout House Farm100
...Samuel WoodsSmithy-34
...John CorbishleyTobias's Farm---
Henry BarlowJohn HaughtonBarlow's Land-26
William WoodHenry SwindellsApethorn Farm-126
William CheethamDr CheethamFarm Land-63
...Dr CheethamCheetham's Buildings-84
Joshua CheethamHimselfCheetham's-84
John Ardern Esq.George BoothCicely Fields-168
Mr RatcliffePeter BenisonLate Sidebothams-68
Jonathan HarrisonJoel GeeLate Rhodes'-68
Peter GaskellRichard WychGerard's-126
Samuel AshtonWilliam RatcliffSlateacre-68
Samuel AshtonHimselfGerard's1134
Thomas AshtonHimselfGerard's-92
John AshtonhimselfPolebank Field-21
Susan DeplichHerselfBowlacre-126
Sandefords ExorsSusan DeplichBowlacre-92
Thomas CooperHimselfCooper's Buildings-26
Thomas Booth ExorsThomas Booth etcBooth's Houses-39
Joseph HardmanHimselfPlatts Houses-47
James HardmanHimself etcHouse & Garden-18
James HardmanHimself etcHardman's Buildings-134
George CheethamSamuel HarrisonHouses & Garden-42
Daniel WoodHimselfHouse & Garden-42
Henry BoothHimselfBooth's Corner-84
Thomas HardmanJohn Redfern etcHardman's-34
Matthew PriestnallJonathan Horsefield & CoHorsefields Factory-150
James OgdenJames Booth etcOgden's Buildings-34
Peter ThorneleyJohn Swindells etcThorneleys-63
John WoolleyGeorge Woolley etcWoolley's Buildings-184
Robert ThorneleyHimself etcApethorn Factory1134
James ArundaleHimselfHouse, Garden & Mousefield-65
Ralph BoothHimselfBooth's Shop etc-39
John DearnallyWilliam Jeffrey etcFearnally's Houses-50
Thomas TurnerHimself & othersHigher Spouthouse-84
John BroadbentRalph HaughtonBroadbent's Houses-18
Samuel LeahHimself etcHouses and Garden-510
Richard WychJohn Leah etcWych's Buildings-50
Thomas OldhamHimselfLate Newtons-26
Joseph OldhamHimselfHouse & Garden-26
Jane RedfernHerselfHouse, Garden etc-26
John WildeHimselfHouse, Garden etc-50
John OldhamHimselfHouse, Garden etc-26
John GoslingHimselfThe Red Lion-211
John BradleyJohn HydeFlashbrook-211
Henry BoothWilliam RedfernMoorehouses-50
Isaac TaylorHimselfHouse & Garden-13
Revd Mr CookeHannah BoothLillyman's1136
...William OldhamLowtop243
...Thomas BoothLowtop-186
...Peter RowbothamHillend-36
Robert GrimshawPhilip DeaneCompstall Bridge11010
Samuel AndrewHimselfAndrew's Farm-168
Joseph ChapelJoel AndrewHouse & Land-76
Samuel RatcliffeThomas AshworthShuttleworths-136
William Egerton EsqAnn BoothBooth's Backham118
...John WoodFurther side Clough-118
...John RowbothamFurther side Clough-1010
...Robert CheethamBackham Houses218
...Sarah CooperNeedham's Farm-118
...Benjamin HarrisonEdmund's292
...Joseph SmithMortin's-1510
...George MooresMoores's-86
...Robert WoodHydes Backham2136
...William RatcliffeBenfield118
...Isaac WoodCheetham Smithy-100

Signed this 20th Day of May 1797: By Samuel Ashton and Samuel Andrew, Assessors

We appoint William Ratcliffe and Richard Wych, Collectors

5th June 1797 seen and approved by us: B Dale, J lingard, Robert Newforth (the last three signatures very difficult to read)

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