Wartime Vistors to 130 Montague Road

This transcript kindly donated by Sue Bates.

Here's my introduction to the 1939-45 visitors' book.

They stayed with my grandmother, Eveline Cooper, who lived at 130.Montague Road, Ashton-under-Lyne. They were mainly wives (and a few children) of soldiers stationed at Ladysmith barrracks. They came to visit, mostly, for one or more days and were from all over the UK. A few seem to be working nearby e.g. the Hospital or Infirmary.

The first part seems to be done from memory as the dates are not consecutive. The handwriting is my mother's (daughter of Mrs. Cooper), my grandmother's (I think) and later, visitors themselves have signed.

Burton Porter Dunoon, Hadfield Road, Waterloo, Liverpool August 1939
Margaret J Parker 2 St Oswald Street, West Hartlepool September 28 1940
Ruth Cookson Falcon Cottage, Hothersall, near Preston August 4 1940
Mary Whitock Hay (& Bryan) Thatch cottage, Row of Trees, Alderley Edge November 11 1940
Jean Mason and son 6 Crofthead Street, Addingston, near Glasgow December 20 1941
Dorothy Newton 21 Beccles road, Brooklands, Cheshire December 1940
Dylis(Dilys?) Finch 5 Belgrave terrace, Teignmouth, Devon 1939
Mrs Hills 20 Hillside Avenue, Hillside, Parbold, Wigan 1939
Mrs Johnston 15 Rose Street, Aberdeen July 20 1942
Mrs Diggle Hinckley July 25 1942
Ethel Butler and son 15 Red Cliff Drive , Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 1942
Nora Sarrasin 29 Alston Road, Upper Edmonton, London N18 1942/3
Bill Priestner Woodland View, Slyn village, Slyne, Morecambe 1940
Jim Macdonall Ashton-under-Lyne (Sister's Address) can't read date
Mrs Wall and son 16 St Mary's Road, Much Wenlock, Shropshire June 25 1943
Mrs Doreen Cochrane 6 Harrot Road, The Moor, Cockermouth 25-30 (can't read rest) 3rd Time
Mrs Holloway Five Ways Inn, Heath Hays, near Cannock, Staffs can't read date
Mrs Gage and son 234 Friern Road, East Dulwich, London SE 22 July 20 - August 10 (can't read year)
Mrs Hardcastle 62 William Street, Crossland Moor, Yorks July 20 - (can't read rest)
Ellen Bingle 66 St Audrey Avenue, Bexleyheath July 31 (year?) (9th time?)
*** Wilson Field Bank, Lower Heath, Congleton, Kent no date
Gladys Jeal 13 Pendleton Road, St John's Redhill, Surrey August 8-15 1943
Florence (Mc) Ballantyne 19 Crossley Street, Sherwood, Notts August 14-21 1943
M M Thompson and daughter 30 Leaphill Road, Pokesdown August 17-30 1943
C(?)A Willey and son The Bungalow rear of Gem Cinema, the Green, Southall, Middlesex Sept 16-26 1943
Mrs Dorothy E Farrar Tibicar Drive West, Heysham near Morecambe 1942 or 3?
Mrs F(?) Reason 76 Norfolk Road, Long Eaton September 25 2 nights? 1943
Mrs N Moran and son Daisy Bank Crescent, Walsall October 8-10 1943
Mrs J Baruden/Barndell (see later) 24 Prout Grove, Neasden, London October 2 1943
Mrs C Papes and daughter 94 Sherbrook Road, Daybrook, Notts Oct 23 1943
Mrs Mason 18 Chester Street, Middlesborough November 16 1943
Mrs Campone and sons 111 King Street, Crieff, Perthshire November 6 1943
***Goffin and son Fortescue Place, Higher Crompton, Plymouth December 4 and February 8 1943
Dorothy Walker 13 Portman Street, Middlesborough December 10-21 1943
Mrs Collins Poole, near Bournemouth December 11-17 1943
Mrs Moran and son Walsall December 21-27 1943
Mrs J White Lichfield January 5-11 1944
Mrs Wheeler 18 Kings Road, Cranleigh, Surrey January 8-17 1944
Mrs Williams & David Lynwood, North Road, Abersychan, Pontypool January 17- February4 1944
Mrs H M Wilford 1 Surrey Grove, West Bowling, Bradford March 9 1944
Mr & Mrs C Parker 8 Ribbledale View, Chatburn, near Clitheroe March 27 1944
Mrs Gladys Dixon Pleasant View, Birch Hill, Tengwynlais, near Cardiff February 14 1944
Mrs E M Jacobs 48 Basing Hill, Golders Green no date
Mrs I D Jones 9 Couchmere Avenue, Ilford, Essex - this address crossed out and BOMBED 1944 entered - then 8 Dynever Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 February 12-April 24 1944
Mrs Edwards Dewsbury, Yorks no date
Ethel F Curr (L/Cp & Mrs Douglas Curr) Fairview, Dirleton, North Berwick December 28 1943, January 6 '41(?), 14-25 April 1944
Mrs J Barnden 24 Prout Grove, Neasden no date
Mrs K Koster 107 Waddington Avenue, Great Barr, Birmingham 22A(?) May 12 1944
Mrs Clark 506 Holcombe Road, Helmshore, Lancs. May 20 1944
Mrs P J Whitton 8 Highbury Road, Barnstaple, Devon June 7 1944
Mrs L Gilless(?) 74 Westminster Street, Swinton no date
Mrs J Lewington Longwater Lane, Finchampstead, Berks June 22 and July 3 1944
Miss D Canning 206 Warstock Lane, Birmingham 14 July 1st 1944
Mrs D Clark 60 St Georges Road, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay, Northumberland July 29-16 August 1944
Mrs Daykin 27 Ilsley Road, Birmingham July 29-16 August 1944
Mrs Waddell 11 Minster Way, Hornchurch, Essex August ?
Miss P Loveday 720 Maidstone Road, Breadhurst, Gillingham, Kent September?
Mrs F H Chadwick 34 Strathearn Road, Wimbledon, SW19 September 23 1944
Mrs M McMillan 2337 Paisley Road, West Glasgow SW2 September 23 1944
Mrs C Kitchen 3 Bladen Street, Lancaster September 28 1944
Miss S Jones 48 Courthouse Road, North Finchley, London N12 no date
Mrs D Palmer 92 Forknell Avenue, Coventry October 8 1944
L Brooksbank LAH, Easingwold, Yorks no date
M Buckler 15 Station Road, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire November 6 1944
H Webster 36 Radmore Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire November 6 1944
J Sherren/Shevven(?) Dutch 331 Twyford Avenue, North End, Portsmouth November 6 1944
J Montagu Sgt. No 10594347 14 TTC REME March 17 1945
Mrs Aspland Lodge Lane, Dukinfield and London no date
Mr N Cooper 419 Giplin Road, Keighley, Yorks (Infirmary) March 1945
Mrs & Mrs WE Garrard 34 Heriot Avenue, Chingford(?)E4. Also crossed out: 29 Waldeck Road, West Green Road, Tottenham N14 and 66 Marconi road, Chelmsofrd, Essex March 1945
Mr Cyril Banks Bury No date
Mrs Alexandra 12 Northfields, Twyford near Winchester no date
ATS Margaret McQueen Mussleborough no date
Dr and Mrs Grunswald worked at the Hospital no date
Mr Wilson worked at Wellington Road (dryers) no date
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