Stalybridge Trade Directory 1825 (Part 2)


Academies Hotels, Inns & Taverns
Brooks John, Cockerhill Angel, J Wrigley, Rossbottom
Cartwright Solomon, Dukinfield Boars Head, Melling Woolley, Rossbottom
Hussey John, Dukinfield Buck, John Woolley, Dukinfield
Hyde Thomas, Dukinfield Coach & Horses, Jas Mellor, Rossbottom
Watson William, Chapel Street Cotton Tree, Wm Buckley, Rossbottom St
Attornies Dog & Partridge, John Smith, Rossbottom
Bennett Robert, Dukinfield Eagle Inn, Geo Cook, Stayley
Lidster John, (master extraordinary in Chancery)
Fleece, S Andrews, Rossbottom
Auctioneer Hare & Hounds, Thos Smith, Dukinfield
Garside Edward, Water Street Hope & Anchor, Saml Ashton, Rossbottom
Baker & Flour Dealers New Inn, Edw Sidebottom, Rossbottom
Adshead Jas, Rossbottom Pack Horse, John Buckley, Rossbottom
Black Thomas, Rossbottom Pack Horse, Joseph Hall, Cockerhill
Banks Rising sun, S Cook, Rossbottom
Buckley Roberts & Co (Fri) on
Jones, Loyd & Co, London
Royal Oak, Wm Swallow, Millbrook
Harrop, Lees, Brown & Co(Fri 11 to 2) on
Barclay, Triton & Co, London
White Hart, John Cook, Rossbottom
Basket Maker Iron & Brass Founders
Scurrah Joseph, Rossbottom Shelter & Milburn, Stayley
Blacksmiths and Farriers Ironmongers
Rains Francis, Dukinfield Binns Chas, Rossbottom
Smith Nathaniel, Rossbottom Kershaw Robert, Rossbottom
Wilkinson Anthony, Rossbottom Ousey George, Rossbottom
Wilkinson John, Rossbottom Linen & Woollen Drapers
Booksellers & Stationers Bolsover Chas, Rossbottom
Brierley John (binder), near Rossbottom Burton Eliz, Dukinfield
Avison John, Rossbottom Cheetham John, Rossbottom
Avison Thomas, near Rossbottom Johnson Henry, Rossbottom
Baker Richard, Chapel Street Kinder Hugh, Rossbottom
Bradbury William, Dukinfield Machine Makers
Buckley Daniel, Dukinfield Lawton Thos, Dukinfield
Cocker Thomas, King Street Ousey George, Rossbottom
Cooper Abraham, Rossbottom Siddall James, Stayley
Eden George, Clean Street Wilkinson Jas, Water Street
Hobson William, Dukinfield Milliners
Hodson Joseph,, Rossbottom Beaumont Mary, Chapel Street
Mitchell Thomas, King Street Wild Esther, Cockerhill
Norton Joseph, King Street Wood Betty, Dukinfield
Schofield Jas, Rossbottom Wormald Mary, Dukinfield
Smith Joshua, Rossbottom Millwrights
Southall John, Rossbottom Cook Joseph, Currier Lane
Stanfield Matthias, Dukinfield Wainwright Benjamin, Rossbottom
Tilsley Ralph, Waterloo Nail Makers
Tootel Thomas, Waterloo Hobson John, Caroline street
Woodall John, Rossbottom Pass James, Rossbottom
Woodcock Rt, near Rossbottom Shaw Edward, Dukinfield
Braziers & Tin Plate Workers Plasterer
Birch Henry, Rossbottom Lockwood William M, Rossbottom
Buck Henry, Rossbottom Plumbers & Glaziers
Buckley John, Rossbottom Bowe William, Dukinfield
Hindle John, Caroline Street Ford Joseph, Rossbottom
Bricklayer Kershaw Robert, Rossbottom
Edwards William, Dukinfield Knott John, Rossbottom
Brickmaker Porter Dealers
Wilde William (fire and tile), Dukinfield Booth John, Rossbottom
Butchers Buckley James, Rossbottom
Barber Jas, near Rossbottom Cheetham Joshua, Dukinfield
Bardsley William, Rossbottom Hadfield Edward, Chapel Street
Brook William, Rossbottom Kenworthy Thomas, Water Street
Cheetham Edward, Dukinfield Woolley Ralph, Rossbottom
Dean Jas, Rossbottom Reed Makers
Gaskill Samuel, Dukinfield Catterall Peter, Dukinfield
Howe William, Caroline Street Saddlers
Hyde Thomas, Rossbottom Swindells James, Rossbottom
Ibbotson Samuel, Dukinfield White Robert, Rossbottom
Kay William, Caroline Street Seedsmen
Lilley Jas, Rossbottom Bevan William, Rossbottom
Shaw Edward, Dukinfield Sharp Charles, Rossbottom
Stansfield Thomas, Dukinfield Shopkeepers
Wade John, Rossbottom Andrew John, Dukinfield
Walton Isaac, Rossbottom Andrew Nathan, Dukinfield
Whitehead Abm, Rossbottom Andrew Robert, Dukinfield
Woodall Joseph, Dukinfield Ashton Samuel, Dukinfield
Cabinet Makers & Joiners Booth Mary, Rossbottom
Bentley & Booth, Caroline Street Booth Thomas, Dukinfield
Gordon Thomas, Rossbottom Street Booth Thomas, Bridge Street
Ousey George, Rossbottom Buckley Eliz., Rossbottom
Prosser Jas, Rossbottom Buckley William, Wood
Whaley Matthew, Dukinfield Cooke John, King Street
Cloth Dressers Cooke John, Rossbottom
Smith John, Rossbottom Cocker James, Dukinfield
Walker Isaac, Rossbottom Cooper John, Dukinfield
Clothes Dealers Crossley James, Caroline Street
Aspindale Joseph, Chapel Street Dawson Joseph, Dukinfield
Smith John, Rossbottom Frith George, Dukinfield
Coal Merchants Hall Isaac, Dukinfield
Hampson William, Dukinfield Heys John, Millbrook
Woolley George, Dukinfield Higginbottom Jonathan, Rossbottom
Confectioner Hobson William, Dukinfield
Husdson Thomas, Rossbottom Holt Grace, Caroline Street
Coopers Holt James, Rossbottom
Knowles John, Rossbottom Howard Jonathan, Dukinfield
Scurrah Joseph, Rossbottom Hyde Ann, Dukinfield
Corn Factors Hyde Henry, Rossbottom
Booth George, Rossbottom Kinder Henry, Dukinfield
Booth John, Rossbottom Kirkham James, Dukinfield
Buckley Jas, Rossbottom Knott Josiah, Dukinfield
Hadfield Edward, Chapel Street Lodmore John, Dukinfield
Lilley James, Wood Lyne George, Dukinfield
Kenworthy Thomas, Water Street Newton George, Dukinfield
Cotton Spinners & Mfrs (by power) Ogden Abraham, Dukinfield
Bailey Mary & Sons, Bridge Street Oldham John, Dukinfield
Harrison Thomas & Sons, Water Street Pearson Isaac, Rossbottom
Leech & Vaudreys, Dukinfield Pickering Thomas, Dukinfield
Lees John & Sons, Water Street Platt George, Rossbottom
Cotton Spinners Platt Joseph, Rossbottom
Adshead Jas & Bros, Stayley New Mills Potter Paul, Dukinfield
Ainsworth G & Sons, Stayley Mills Reeve Matthew, Cockerhill
Bayley Jas, Rossbottom Seel Samuel, Rossbottom Street
Cheetham G & Sons, Dukinfield Sharp Charles, Rossbottom
Hall Jas, near Rossbottom Sidebottom William, Dukinfield
Hall Jas & Son, Dukinfield Slater Abiatha, Rossbottom
Howard Daniel, Dukinfield Smith John, Dukinfield
Howard Jas & Ralph, Spring Grove Stansfield Samuel, Rossbotom
Ousey Samuel & Sons, Stayley Stopford William, Rossbottom
Orrell Thos Sons & Co (mule and throstle),
Water Street
Ward Joseph, Dukinfield
Platt George, Dukinfield Woolley George, Dukinfield
Platt Joshua, Dukinfield Woolley James, Dukinfield
Saville Joseph, Rossbottom Spindle & Flyer Makers
Wagstaff & Sidebottom, Dukinfield Buckley Benjamin, Rossbottom
Wareing John & Wm, Bridge Street Hilton John, Rossbottom
Wilkinson & Binns, Rossbottom Spirit Merchants
Twisters & Doublers Woolley Ralph, Rossbottom
Andrew & Waterhouse, Stayley Stone Masons
Cheetham G & Sons, Dukinfield Boothroyd John, Dukinfield
Mellor Alfred, near Rossbottom Frith George, Dukinfield
Shaw & Wood, Dukinfield Straw Hat Manufacturers
Williamson & Waterhouse, Cockerhill Beaumont Mary, Chapel Street
Curriers Rigby Ann, Rossbottom
Lindley Jas, Rossbottom Robinson Hannah, Dukinfield
Druggists Surgeons
Bevan William, Rossbottom Hutton Joseph, Rossbottom
Cheetham Dekin, Rossbottom Turner John, Rossbottom
Lees John, Rossbottom Watson Chas, near Rossbottom
Wilde William, Rossbottom Tailors & Habit Makers
Dyer Carter James, Caroline Street
Brierley Thomas, Stayley Chadwick Samuel, Dukinfield
Earthenware Dealers Claridge William, Caroline street
Brooks Geo, Clean Street Egley Thomas, near Rossbottom
Slater Abiatha, Rossbottom Hinchliff John, Waterloo
Eating House Kirkpatrick John, Waterloo
Nield John, Rossbottom Smith Nathaniel, Waterloo
Fire & Life Offices Steel Thomas, Caroline Street
Manchester, John Cheetham, Rossbottom Waterhouse Benjamin, Dukinfield
Flour Dealers Waterhouse Ralph, Rossbottom
Booth John (& corn), Dukinfield Tallow Chandlers
Cooke Geo, Dukinfield Berry Abdiel, Chapel Street
Cheetham Joshua, Dukinfield Johnson Henry, Rossbottom
Hall Edward, Waterloo Tea Dealers
Hilton Jas, King Street Platt William, King Street
Kenworthy Thomas, Water Street Schofield Mary, near Rossbottom
Grocers & Tea Dealers Timber Merchants
Bamford Joseph, Dukinfield Bentley & Booth, Caroline street
Bolsover Chas, Rossbottom Kershaw Robert, Rossbottom
Buckley Jas, Rossbottom Watch & Clock Maker
Buckley John, Wood Booth John, Rossbottom
Cheetham Joshua, Dukinfield Wheelwrights
Hall Edward, Waterloo Charlesworth Daniel, Bridge Street
Hilton Jas, King Street Platt William, King Street
Johnson Henry, Rossbottom Statham Thomas, Dukinfield
Kershaw Hannah, Stayley Wood John, Stayley Mills
Mellor Robert, Stayley
Schofield Jonas, Dukinfield Whitesmiths
Wagstaffe John, Rossbottom Binns Charles, Rossbottom
Wilde William, Rossbottom Owen John, King Street
Mycock Thos, Rossbottom Woollen Manufacturers
Nield James, Rossbotom Hall George, Cockerhill
Nield John, King Street Hall Joseph, Cockerhill
Sharp Charles, Rossbottom Heap Mary, Wood
Hat Mfrs & Dealers Hollingworth Edward, Wood
Andrew John, dealer, Waterloo Shaw Hugh & Sons, Rossbottom
Hall Joseph, Dukinfield Stelfox & Kinder, Wood
Marsland Jerh, Rossbottom ---
Turner William, Waterloo ---


Coaches to Manchester Geo Platt, Tu and Sat dep. 8 mg. ret. 7 evg.
Defiance, dly (Angel Inn)at 8 mg. ret.6.30 evg. Geo Platt, Rossbottom daily dep. 8 mg. ret. 7 evg.
Physician, Tu & S at 8 mg. ret 6.30 evg. Jph Platt, Rossbottom, daily dep. 8 mg. ret. 7 evg.
Edward Ousey, Proprietor Geo Sanderson, Dukinfield, dep. 8 mg. ret. 6 evg.
Carriers by land to Manchester Canal Carriers
John Farrar & Betty Ousey, Rossbottom
T,T and S dep 8 mg. ret. 7 evg.
E Buckley & Co, J & L Marsden, and
Widow Welsh & Sons, dly to Manchester, Huddersfield
and all parts of Yorkshire - E Lore Wharfgr.
W Hassall, Rossbottom, T,T & S dep.8mg. ret. 6evg.

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