Taken from Winefred Bowman's book "England in Ashton-under-Lyne" I have copied a trancsription of a series of photographs of the actual parchment on which was written the Oath taken by the people of the parish in 1643, and the signatures and marks of every male parishioner of the age of fourteen and upwards.

"ffor reformacion and defence of Religion, the honor and hapinesse of the King, and the
peace and safetye of the three kingdomes of England Scotland and Ireland. ---

--- The names of the Inhabitants within the Parish of Ashton-under-Lyne and lodgers there,
as we have taken, and subscrybed their hands unto the within written League and Covenant."

John Harrison (Minister)
George Thomasson (Curate)

Nicholas Walker[Churchwardens]
Samell Jenkinson
henery taylour
Thomas Harrope, his marke

Robert Knott, his marke [Constables]
John Marland
Ottiwell Worrall

William Cocke de Lane, his markeThomas Holt, his markeRalph Wood, his marke
William WalkerJames CokeNicholas Hyde sen, his marke
Thomas Knott, his markeWilliam Thorpe, his markeGeorge Andrew als Smith, his marke
Robert Robinson, his markeHenry Heyward, his markeEdward Woolley, his marke
Henry Kempe, his markeWilliam Bardsley, his markeJames Radley, his marke
Richard Cooke, his markeRobert Saxon, his markeThomas Andrew, his marke
Raph Andrew, his markeJohn Newton, his markeRobert Cooke, his marke
George Robinson, his markeWilliam Groundshaw, his markeRichard Oldham, marke
James Robinson, his markeWilliam Heaton, his markeJohn Purseglove, his marke
John Andrew, his markeWilliam Smith, his markeGeorg Wood, his marke
Gregory Andrew, his markeRobert Cocke, his markeJohn Smithson, his marke
Georg Andrew, his markeWilliam Cocke de mooreside, his markeJames Gronshaw, his marke
Samuell Thorpe, his markeRobert Chadderton, his markeJohn Knott, his marke
John Shawe, his markeWilliam Stansfield, his markeThomas Lees, his marke
John Smethurste, his markeHenrie Asheton, his markeGeorg Marland als Eyres, his marke
John Linney, his markeThomas Cocke, his markeEdward Rydings jun, his marke
William Cocke jun, his markeRaph Cocke, his markeJohn Cocke jun, his marke
William Chawicke, his markffrancis Kempe, his markeJohn Smith
William Smith, his markeWilliam Smith, his markeJohn Heywood
Edward KnottGeorg Bardsley, his markeJames Eldridge, his marke
Thomas Walker, his markeJohn Shaw, his markeWilliam Heywood, his marke
Edwarde CookeRichard CookeJames Hall
Samuell SmithJohn ThorpeGeorge Thorpe
Peter WatsonJohn ButterworthJohn Burton, his marke
Richard Stansfield, his markeNathan GarsideAbraham Garside, his marke
Edward HydeNathan Knott, his markeEdwd Newton
Abr. ButterworthJoseph OldhamNicholas Cocke, his marke
William NewtonThomas Marland, his markeJohn Walker, butcher, his marke
William Webster, his markeThomas Radcliffe, his markeNicholas Radcliffe, his marke
John Maden, his markeJohn Williamson, his markeJohn Hamond
Robte. WalkerWilliam ProckterJohn Smith
Edmund Heywood, his markeWilliam Cock, his markeThomas Kershaw, his marke
George Slater, his markeRoberte Asheton, his markeSeathe Chadwicke, his marke
Roger Smith, his markeGeorge Cocke, his markeEdward Barrett, his marke
Josephe Kempe, his markeJohn Walker, his markeJohn Wood, his warke
Edward Rydings sen, his markeJohn Garsyd [?]George Burton, his marke
James Holinworth, his markeEdward Smith, his markeJohn Cocke sen, his marke
John Cocke jun, his markeAlexander Bardsley, his markeHumphrey Cocker als Bagshawe, his marke
John Cocke belowtowne, his markeJohn Hawkerd, his markeWm. Platt, his marke
Robte. AshtonJohn Saxon, his markeGeroge Richardson, his marke
Robert Clegg, his markeRaph Clough, his markeGeorge Cowper, his marke
Nichols Gee, his markeRobert Walker, his marke -
Jhon SandfordJohn SandfordSandford Wils [?]
Theophilus SandfordJarvis Warrin, his markeHenry Saxon, his marke
James [?] RamesdenOates Bylie [Bealey], his markeRoberte Walker, his marke
John Ogdin, his markeRaph Picrofte, his markeRaph Smith, his marke
John Warren, his markeThomas Walker, his markeNicholas Cocke, his marke
John Hurst, his markeRaph Ogdin, his markeHenry Gee, his marke
Robert Hilton, his markeJames Walker, his markeRaph Ogden, his marke
[? junior]John ffidler, his markeJohn Hilton, his marke
James Picrofte, his markeOliver Saxon, his markeJohn Ogdin
John Gee, his markeNicholas Saxon, his markeRaph Stopport, his marke
William [?]Raphe WoodJohn Wallworke, his marke
Richard Hobson, his markeRobt. Stansfield, his markeMiles Hilton, his marke
Samuel Cocke, his markeWilliam Ashton, his markeCharles Ashton, his marke
John Clayton, his marke[? junior]John Clayton, his marke
Thomas Wood, his markeRobert Stanley, his markeThomas Walker
John Thorpe, his markeJohn Bradley, his markeWilliam Smith
Maurice Worsley, his markeThomas Kirshaw [and marke]Joseph Leese
John Ouldham, his markeWilliam Kershaw, his markeRichard Stanley, his marke
Georg Birtenshaw, his markeSamuel Ashton, his markeJohn Wood, his marke
Raph Kirshaw, his markeGeorge Ashton, his markeRichard Ashton, his marke
Edward Bardsley, his markeSamuell Kempe, his markeRaphe ffidler, his marke
Thomas Bardsley, his marke--
Robert LeechRichard Smith, his markeJohn Hilton
Robert Hulton, his markeWilliam ClougheWilliam Cloughe, his marke
Myles Cropper, his markMyles [?] Joyienr, his marke[Joiner?]
John Knotte, his markeRichard Smith [?junior]William Knotte, his marke
Enoch Heywood, his markeRobert Mosse, his markeThomas Hope, his marke
Samuell LeechGeorge WilsonAbell Radcliffe, his marke
Richard LeeseJohn Lees, his markeJohn Leech, his marke
Robert Chadwicke, his markeGeorge Bardsley, his markeNicholas Hope, his marke
Edmund Heywood, his markeJohn Knotte, his markeWilliam Leeche, his marke
Nicholas Barlow, his markeJohn ThorpeThomas Madyn, his marke
James Bardsley, his markeJohn Clough, his markeThomas Withington, his marke
Henry Travis, his markeNicholas Walker, Taylor, his markeJohn Knotte son of Thomas, his marke
William Radcliffe, his markeJohn HultonWilliam Clough jun. de new house, his marke
John Clough, blind, his markeNicholas Knott, his markeThomas ffitton, his marke
Robert BardsleyZecharie Bardsley, his markeRaphe Mosse, his marke
Raphe Worthington, his marke--
Nicholas Newton, his markeJohn Newton, his markeAbraham Wylde
Robert Newton, his markeRobert Newton [Junior?]Richard Wyld
John Taylour, his markeRichard Chadwicke, his markeJohn Mosse, his marke
Thomas Newton, his markeEdward Taylor, his markeJohn Slater, his marke
Matthew TravisJohn MosseJames Travis, his marke
John Travis, his markeGeorge Lees, his markeJohn Marsland, his marke
Anthonie Kershawe, his markeThomas Cloughe, his markeGeorge Hilton, his marke
Thomas Asheton, his markeThomas Williamson, his markeRobert Lees, his marke
James Hall, his markeThomas Newton sen, his markeRaph Thorpe, his marke

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