Mottram in Longdendale 1832

with Godley, Hadfield, Hattersley, Hollingworth, Padfield, Tintwistle and neighbourhoods

extracted from Manchester & Salford Trade Directory 1832

Population of Mottram 1821: 1,944 1831:2,144

Fairs at Mottram, April 27th and October 31st, for cattle

POST OFFICE: Robert Wagstaffe, Post Master, - Letters from Manchester etc, every morning at half-past eight, and are despatched every evening at a quarter before six, - Letters from Sheffield etc, arrive every afternoon at a quarter before six, and are despatched every morning at half-past eight.

Allcock Thomas, butcher, Hollingworth
Andrew John, farmer, Hattersley
Andrew Jonah, schoolmaster, Godley Green
Ashton Joseph and John, grocers and drapers, Roe Cross
Ashton William, Angel & Commercial Inn, Mottram
Atherton John, machine maker, Hollingworth
Bancroft James, grocer, Mottram
Banks, George, Tailor, Hollingworth
Barber William, cotton spinner, Padfield
Bardsley Joseph, boot & shoemaker, Mottram
Bennett Mr Robert, Mottram
Berry Matthew, shopkeeper, Tintwistle
Blenkinsop William, victualler White Hart, Mottram
Blore Samuel Cooper, tin-plate worker, Mottram
Blore Solomon, tin-plate worker and retailer of beer, Mottram
Booth John, tailor, Mottram
Booth Joseph, smallware dealer, Hollingworth
Bowden Thomas, victualler Dog & Partridge, Woolley Bridge
Boyer William, farmer, Hadfield
Braddock Mrs Ruth, Padfield
Bradley David, shoemaker, Hollingworth
Bradley Thomas, pattern designer, Hollingworth
Bray Luke, tailor, Hadfield
Broadbent James, shopkeeper, Mottram
Brooke Mary, shopkeeper, Hattersley
Buckley James, cotton spinner, Armfield
Callaghan Patrick, tailor, Mottram
Cave Thomas, shopkeeper, Mottram
Chadwick Giles, boot & shoemaker, Mottram
Chadwick John, clothes dealer, Mottram
Chadwick John Tinker, shopkeeper, Mottram
Chadwick Wiliam, tailor, Mottram
Chatterton John, shopkeeper, Mottram
Cheetham Josiah, cotton manufacturer, Vale Mills
Clarke John, victualler Roecross Inn, Mottram
Clayton John, shopkeeper, Hodge
Cook James, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Cooper Joshua, shoemaker, Hollingworth
Coppock Sarah, straw hat maker, Hollingworth
Dakin George, cooper, Mottram
Dalton Mrs Mary, Hollingworth
Dalton Thomas & John, calico printers, Hollingworth
Davenport Mrs, Godley
Dearnaley Joseph, farmer, Hadfield
Dearnaley Joseph, farmer, Tintwistle
Dearnaley James, shopkeeper, Tintwistle
Dearnaley Thomas, shopkeeper and overseer, Hadfield
Dewsnap James, shopkeeper & blacksmith, Tintwistle
Eastham Thomas, surgeon, Hadfield
Elverson William, boot & shoemaker, Hollingworth
Fallows Mr Joseph,Mottram
Ferneley Moses, surgeon and victualler Golden Lion, Mottram
Fielding Charles, farmer, Armfield
Garlick John, victualler Anchor, Hadfield
Garlick William, farmer, Tintwistle
Garside Mr Hugh, Mottram
Garside Philip, retailer of beer, Matley
Goddard Hugh, farmer, Tintwistle
Goddard Miles, victualler Hare & Hounds, Mottram
Goddard Robert, joiner & builder, Mottram
Goddard Thomas, blacksmith, Mottram
Green James, retailer of beer, Hollingworth
Hadfield George, farmer, Padfield
Hadfield John, butcher, Hollingworth
Hadfield John, retailer of beer, Padfield
Hadfield John, shopkeeper, Hadfield
Hadfield Samuel Esq, Old hall, Mottram
Hampson Thomas, victualler, Waggon & Horses, Tintwistle
Hardy James, farmer, Bottoms Hall, Hattersley
Harrison John, seedsman, Hollingworth
Harrison Joseph, road surveyor, Mottram
Harrison Miss Sarah, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Heeney Michael, shopkeeper, Hadfield
Heywood Sarah, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Hibbert Joseph, attorney, house Brookside, Godley
Hibbert Randle, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Godley
Hill Robert, butcher & victualler Bull's Head, Mottram
Hill William, victualler Organ, Hollingworth
Hollingworth Frances, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Hollingworth John, cotton spinner, Hollingworth
Hollingworth John, butcher, Tintwistle
Hollingworth Jonathan, retailer of beer, Hollingworth
Hyde Mr George, Tintwistle
Hyde John, victualler Gun, Hollingworth
Hyde John, farmer, Armfield
Hyde William, block cutter, Hollingworth
Jackson Solomon, shoemaker, Padfield
Johnson Rev William M.A., Mottram
Johnston James, linen draper, Mottram
Jones William, papermaker, house: Wedneshough
Lancashire William, retailer of beer, Godley Green
Langwith John, boarding academy, Hollingworth
Lee Mary, shopkeeper, Mottram
Lees Henry, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Woolley Bridge
Lees John, cotton spinner, Padfield Brook
Lees Mr Robert, Padfield Brook
Lyne Mally, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Marsland Hannah, dressmaker, Mottram
Marsland John, victualler Pack Horse, Mottram
Marsland Samuel, cotton spinner, Broadbottom Bridge
Martland John Woods, victualler Robin Hood, Hollingworth
Matley Richard, calico printer, house: Hodge
Matley Samuel & Son, calico printers, Hodge
Mellor Benjamin, farmer, Armfield
Moss John, cow leech and butcher, Hadfield
Ollerenshaw William, earthenware manufacturer, Matley
Oliver & Jones, paper makers and patent machinery, Hollingworth
Oliver Samuel, paper maker, house: Wedneshough
Pearson George, cotton spinner, Padfield
Pinder John, plumber & glazier, Mottram
Platt George, cotton spinner, Padfield
Platt Joshua, farmer, Padfield
Potter Rev. John Cash, Tintwistle
Potts Samuel, shopkeeper, Vale Mills
Reddish John, grocer & flour dealer, Mottram
Renshaw Joshua, seedsman, Hollingworth
Rhodes James, manufacturer, house: Tintwistle
Rhodes John, manufacturer, house: Tintwistle
Rhodes John, shopkeeper, Tintwistle
Rhodes Thomas & Sons, woollen manufacturers, Bottoms near Tintwistle
Richardson James, saddler, Mottram
Richardson William, butcher, Mottram
Ridgway Robert, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Roberts john, druggist, Hollingworth
Robinson John, plumber & glazier, Mottram
Robinson John, tailor, Mottram
Shaw James, boot & shoemaker, Mottram
Shaw James, victualler Black Bull, Mottram
Shaw John, farmer. Godley Green
shaw Richard, boot & shoemaker, Mottram
Shaw Thomas, butcher, Tintwistle
Shaw Thomas, victualler Dog & Partridge, Mottram
Shepley Samuel, currier etc, Woolley Bridge
Shepley Samuel, cotton spinner, Brookfield
Sidebottom George, cotton spinner, house: Hollingworth House
Sidebottom George, cotton spinner, house: Hill End
Sidebottom George & Joseph, cotton spinners, Broadbottom
Sidebottom George & Ralph, cotton spinners, Mill Brook
Sidebottom Mr James, house: Hollingworth House
Sidebottom James, shopkeeper, Mottram
Sidebottom John & William & Co, cotton spinners and manufacturers by power, WaterSide
Sidebotttom Jos, cotton spinner, house: Harewood Lodge
Sidebottom Joseph, retailer of beer, Mottram
Sidebottom Joseph, shopkeeper, Hollingworth
Sidebottom Ralph, cotton spinner, house: Hollingworth House
Sidebottom Ralph, surgeon, Mottram
Slinn Richard, boot & shoemaker, Mottram
Smith Robert, shopkeeper, Hattersley
Stead Phoebe, draper & shopkeeper, Mottram
Taylor David, farmer, Hattersley
Thornely Alexander Wylde, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Godley
Thornely Mrs Mary, Hadfield
Thornely Thomas, farmer, Hadfield
Tinker Henry, druggist, Mottram
Tomlinson John, surgeon, Hollingworth
Turner Mr John, Godley
Turner Joseph, farmer, Godley
Wagstaff Joshua, blacksmith, Mottram
Wagstaff Robert, ironmonger, Mottram
Wardlow James & William, cotton spinners, Bank Wood Mill, Derbyshire
Warhurst Joseph, blacksmith, Hollingworth
Warhurst Matthew, butcher, Mottram
Warhurst William, butcher, Mottram
Wilson Luke, shopkeeper, Hollingworth Wood Samuel, hatter, Hadfield
Wood Thomas, victualler Spinner's Arms, Hadfield
Woodhead George, attorney, Mottram
Woodhead Matt, victualler Bull's Head Inn, Tintwistle
Woodhouse Eli, victualler, Black Bull, Tintwistle
Woolley Mr James, Matley
Woolley Mary, shopkeeper, Godley
Wrigley John, farmer, Godley Green


To and from MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD, etc, pass through Mottram daily.

To STOCKPORT, a car from the Angel Inn, Mottram every Friday morning at eight.


To Ashton, Joseph Dearnally from Tintwistle.

To MANCHESTER, William Bradley, daily - and Joseph Sidebottom every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To Stockport, Robert Hill, from Mottram, and William Boyer from Hadfield every Friday.

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