Land Tax for the Matley Township of Mottram in Longdendale 1794

Names of ProprietorsNames of OccupiersThe Parcels ratedsd
Agnes & Mary WagstaffJeremiah WoolleyMatley Hall and Lands3 68
MrJohn BuckleyWilliam OlerenshawLate Cocker's Farm 8----
Joshua WrigleyHimselfWrigley's Tenements1 176
John WinterbottomWilliam GarlickWinterbottoms--92
Peter MarvelHimselfLate Hurst's Farm-- 10--
James WoolleyHimselfBardsley Gate --15--
George GarsideJohn HadfieldHollingworth Tong-- 10--
Thomas HagueHimselfHouse & Garden-- 34
Robert WinterbottomJohn BoyerWinterbottoms --92
John TurnerJohn MarslandLate Cheethams --134
John TurnerSamuel MarslandHegginbottom Fold1 42
Richard HillsPhilip BuckleyLate Bates-- 68
William SmithJohn SwindelsNew Bents --92
Samuel HarrisonJames BeeleyLonglands --18--
Samuel HarrisonSamuel CooperLonglands --12--
Samuel GoodierHimselfWest Wood1 1510
Samuel TurnerHimselfTurner's Estate --5--
Samuel GoodierHimselfHadfield Closes-- 142
John TurnerSamuel GoslingLate Hall's Farm --10--
William KelsallsIsaac HowardLate Hyde's Tenement --89
dittoHimselfditto --5--
dittoJohn Woodditto --26
Thomas HowardThomas HowardHydes --168
Abraham WoodHimselfMatley Moor-- 86
John CollierHimselfMatley Moor-- 76
Olive ChadwickRalph BardsleyChadwick's Building-- 34
George GarsidePeter WoodLate Hopwood's Farm 15--
George GarsideWm OlerenshawPots House --18
George WrigleyHimselfTaylor's Tenements 15--
total 2328

signed this 2nd day of June 1794 by us: Jeremiah Woolley and Thomas Hague - assessors.

We Return: James Woolley and John Hadfield - collectors.

Seen and allowed by us 2nd June 1794: C Prescot, Joseph Dale, Robert Bancroft.

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