Land Tax for the Godley Township of Mottram in Longdendale 1796

Names of ProprietorsNames of OccupiersThe Parcels ratedsd
Abel HydeWilliam BardsleyLate Hollingworths-- 88
Abel HydeRichard Williamsonditto1 14
William HiginbottomJames TaylorOliver Field-- 64
William HiginbottomPeter Wild Old Miller's Farm 114
John Shaw's WidowNathan WilliamsonChadwick's o'the' Green-- 18--
Honble TalmashAaron HowardLate Harrison's-- 12--
dittoGeorge Shuttleworthditto --11--
Samuel GoodierJames DavenportDovehouse Farm 116--
dittoJohn LeesBonny Fields-- 108
Randal HibbertHimselfBrookside-- 16--
William TurnerHimselfTurner's-- 178
Henry Hibbert's ExorsHenry WrigleySwindells Fold --174
Abraham Clegg--Tetlow Fold 1148
Thomas MatherAmos RowbothamTetlow Fold 154
Henry KelsallHimself & John YarwoodThe Fields --8--
Thomas TurnerHimselfTurners1 --4
Thomas AndrewHimselfAndrews Fields-- 48
John BoothJohn TaylorChadwick's o'th' Lane 110--
John DavenportHugh KinderChadwick's o' th' Hill --186
Thomas TaylorPeter GoslingCholmondeleys --18--
John AshtonHimselfBrookfold--174
Mary & AgnesWagstaffRobert WilliamsonHolebottom --12--
Revd Thomas SmithJohn WoolleyChapel Lands1 28
John WoolleyHimselfNew Building --2--
Joseph AshtonJames SmithGosling's o' th'' Hill-- 102
Henry Hibbert ExorsAnn Hallditto-- 16--
Nathan WilliamsonJohn WilliamsonHouse and Garden-- 2--
Rebecca ChadwickHerselfHouse and Garden --2--
John ArundaleJames BradleyHolebottom --5--
Joseph BeestonDaniel WalkerHursts --114
Samuel HarrisonSamuel CooperLonglands --5--
Thomas TurnerRalph KinderMason's o' th' Lane-- 4--
Miles HurstHimselfNewton Brook --28
Miss Hollingworthfor Tithe-- --2--
total23 98

signed this 21st Day of May 1796 by us: John Lees, Amos Rowbotham - assessors.

We Appoint: John Davenport, James Taylor - collectors.

Seen and allowed by us 2nd June 1794: Robert Newton, Joseph Dale, Robert Bancroft.

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