Dobcross Dinner 1845

List of Old People of seventy-seven years and upwards who dined at the Swan and Kings Head Inns, Dobcross on Thursday, August 28th 1845. Taken from the Book "At the Sign of the Kings Head” by, Ammon Wrigley. Copy at Tameside Local Studies. These names transcribed by Colin McInnes and kindly donated to this website for publication 28th October 2007

Forename Surname Address Age
John Brierley Workhouse 89
Thos Seville Workhouse 80
Sarah Seavile Workhouse 80
James Buckley Workhouse 83
John Winterbottom Workhouse 86
Joshua Mallalieu Workhouse 78
Mary Bottomley Workhouse 82
James Winterbbottom Workhouse 83
Sarah Platt Workhouse 80
John  Holden Cloughbottom 82
Mrs John Holden Cloughbottom 80
Thos. Hutchinson Dobcross 77
Jonathan  Shaw Dobcross 83
John Platt Stoneswood 83
John  Wrigley New Delph 79
Joseph Pomfret Old Tame 83
Henry Buckley Old Tame 83
John Kenworthy Dobcross 77
John Fisher Diggle Bridge 77
Sarah Newton Carrhill 77
Robert Winterbottom Mossley 76½
Samuel Broadbent Uppermill 75
Thomas Slater Spring Gardens 77
Edward Hall Dungebrooth 82
William Burgess Dobcross 83
Sarah Farrand Royal George 81
Abram Bentley Uppermill 75
Martha Platt Carrhill 80
Ben Wrigley Baguley 78
Hannah Morton Carrhill 77
John Walker Dobcross 80
Mrs John Platt Frenches 82
William Bradbury Uppermill 77
Betty Wrigley Openshaw 81
John Platt Uppermill 88
John  Ogden Baguley 92
John Platt Hollins 89
Ben Whitehead Bedlam 77
John Pilling Uppermill 77
James Holden Calf Hey 77
Hannah Worsnop Calf Hey 76½
Rebecca Buckley Carrhill 79
Mary Wadsworth Wood Quick 75
Thos Winterbottom Lydgate 77
James Buckley Quickwood 80
Mally Buckley Quickwood 85
Sarah Shore Austerlands 79
Mally Wrigley Hill End 77
Betty Rhodes Delph 87
Phineas Bottomley Delph 87
Mally Buckley County End 77
George  Buckley County End 77
Sarah Holden Bakestone Pit 82
John Woolley Clogger Knowll 77
John  Roberts Grove 77
Sarah Bottomley Lees 82
Betty Bottomley Roughtown 80
Mally Buckley Austerlands 84
Joseph Kaye Austerlands 81
Ann Lees Austerlands 88
Betty Dickson Austerlands 77
Ann Mayall Shelderslow 77
Ann Wolfenden Shelderslow 80
Martha Buckley Shelderslow 80
Widow Chadwick Brighton 82
Sarah Winterbottom Stonebreaks 77
Hannah Shaw Denshaw 86
Ann  Pilling Sharon 77
Joseph Bradbury Garners 87
Michael Horsefall Warrock Hill Clough 77
Abrahm Horsefall Brun Clough 80
John  Waterhouse Gilberts 81
Chas. Buckley Turf Lane 88
John Wood Uppermill 77
Jas. Lees Woodbrook 78
Betty Wrigley Lydgate 85
Betty Whitehead Delph 78
Sarah Maws Linfitts 86
Joseph Bottomley Crompton 85
Joseph Whitehead Den 78
Mrs Whitehead Den 77
Wm. Buckley Den Lane 77
James Dickson Knowsley 79
Betty Schofield Newhouses 82
James Rhodes High Barn 78
Joshua Bowden Hill End 77
Mary Bradbury Garners 87
Hugh Brierley Junction 79
John Longbotton Delph 84
Luke Brierley Hill End 82
Mary Wood Delph 79
Betty Broadbent Slackfield 81
Peggy Lees Sandhole 77
Mary Holden Stoneswood 76
Mary Winterbottom Woodhouses 77
Ann Garlick Millbottom 84
Sarah Lees Millbottom 77
John Taylor Millbottom 79
Edward Evans Quickwood 84
Catherine Stockton Lees 86
Betty Lewis Quickwood 75
Ben Hurst Warley Clough 78
James Buckley Waterside 79
Nancy Hollingworth New Barn 81
Mary Schofield Boarshurst 77
John Lees Slackcote 77
Mrs Lees Slackcote 77
Widow Schofield Nook 82
James  Shaw Arthurs 79
Mrs Shaw Arthurs 81
Robt. Goddard Hollins 78
Susannah Haigh Lydgate 75
Jane Humphereys Lydgate 80
James Rhodes Quick 77
James Hinchliffe Halls 77
Mrs Hinchliffe Halls 77
John Wood Castleshaw 81
Mary Lawton Oldhey 77
Thos Rhodes Warrock Hill 83
Wm.  Bradbury Drybridge 79
Mary Wrigley Scouthead 84
Jane Mellor Wharmton Bank 81
John Bradbury Runninghill 81
Jas. Bradbury Thurstones 77
Betty Schofield Castleshaw 77
Edmund Whitehead Wood 82
Jane Bottomley Diggle Bridge 88
James Littlewood Delph 79
Rachel Wrigley Hey 84
Nancy Bradbury Junction 77
James Buckley Esq Holly Villa 80p
Tickets were given to the folowing people (shown in age as a T)    
John Radcliffe Governor of Workhouse T  
Thos. Harrison Lees T  
Joseph Ashton Uppermill T  
Joseph Platt Delph Constable T  
Robert  Buckley Upperhouse T  
  Whitehead Bentfield T  
  Scofield Heathfield T  
Mark Andrew T  
Joseph Kershaw T  
John Shaw Hunter, Dobcross T  
  Taylor With Omnibus T  
  Walker With one horse Carriage T  
Warris Brierley Carter T  
John Schofield Carter T  
Joseph Brierley Carter T  
Henry Broadbent Carter T  
J. Shaw Carter T  
Among the subscribers appear the names of (show in age as S)    
James Lees Delph Lodge S  
James Buckley Holly Ville S  
F. F. Whitehead Royal George S  
Rev. R Whitelock S  
H. H. Broughton Dobcross S  
Alex Thorm Dobcross S  
Total Subscriptions amounted to £21 5s 6d  
Ben Bradburys dinner bill  £8 1s 6d
Thos Lawtons Dinner bill   £8 9s 6d
Jas Heywoods Waggon Toll   1s 6d
Printing                           £1 1s 0d

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