A - Z of Memories of a Council House Kid 1950s - 1960s

A is for for Ashton

B is for Boys

B is for Books

C is for Christmas

C is for Cinema

D is for Donkey Stone

D is for Dentist

D is for Duraglit

E is for Empire Day

E is for Easter

F is for Fog

G is for Gossip

G is for Grandparents

H is for Holidays

I is for Ice Cream

I is for Illness

J is for Job

K is for Knickers

L is for Libraries

M for Mother

M is for Monitors

M is for Mud

N for Nanny

N for Neighbours

O for Optician

P for Pantomime

P for Playing Out

Q for Queens

R for Reading

S is for School

S is for Sunray Treatment

T for Toilets

T for Tradesmen

U is for Uncles

V for Vests

W for Weather

W is for Whitsun

X is for Kisses

Y is for Youth club

Z is for Zoo

These memories compiled by my friend Meg Gain. We both went to Waterloo Council School then Ashton Grammar School, so have many of these memories to share. I feel you will enjoy reading these and find many comparisons.

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