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burials in the Burial Ground of Tintwistle Chapel from Oct 9th 1798 to the end of 1812, also 1821 (reference: F.H.L. Film # 20053)
Name Relationship Parents/Spouse “of” Place Burial Date Notes
Hannah Platt Late wife Joshua Platt Padfield 9th Oct 1798  
Esther Platt Late wife John Platt Arnfield 12th Dec 1798  
Hannah Marshall Late wife John Marshall Cross 10th Mar 1799  
Martha Howard Late wife Daniel Howard Tintwistle 17th Mar 1799  
Margaret Kershaw     Tintwistle 23rd Mar 1799  
Betty Platt daughter John Platt Arnfield 21st Apr 1799  
Mary Hyde wife Thos Hyde Woodbottom 8th May 1799  
Betty Rhodes wife Daniel Rhodes Arnfield 23rd Aug 1799  
Robert Corbett Esq.   Many years resident at  Tintwistle 14th Jan 1800  
Mary Wood daughter John & Esther Wood Padfield 23rd Jan 1800  
Sarah Ann Platt daughter George Platt Shaw 25th Jan 1800  
Ellen Cheetham     Tintwistle 2nd Apr 1800  
Thomas Mills     Arnfield 12th Sep 1800  
John Hyde son James Hyde Tintwistle 21st Sep 1800  
[blank] Marshall daughter John Marshall Tintwistle [blank] 1800  
Hannah Schofield     Tintwistle 30th Jan 1801  
Mary Shepley daughter Robert Shepley Tintwistle 11th June 1801  
Robert Hampson son Robert Hampson [Thompson?] Tintwistle 14th July 1801  
James Wood son Joseph Wood Tintwistle ? Sept 1801  
William Howard son Jonas Howard Tintwistle ? 1801  
Mary Howard     Tintwistle 11th Nov 1801  
Margaret Atherton wife Robert Atherton Hollingworth 18th Dec 1801  
[blank] Mellor wife Henry Mellor Arnfield 20th Dec 1801  
Martha Siddall daughter John Siddal Hadfield 13th Jan 1802  
Sarah Sinister daughter Abel Sinister Tintwistle 21st Mar 1802  
Sarah Howard daughter Daniel Howard Tintwistle 23rd Mar 1802  
Betty Wood daughter  John & Esther Wood Hadfield 6th May 1802  
Robert Atherton     Tintwistle 2nd June 1802  
John Siddal     Hadfield 6th June 1802  
Margaret Atherton daughter Late Robert Atherton   24th Nov 1802  
Betty Bradshaw daughter ? Bradshaw   1st Dec 1802  
James Bower son Samuel Bower Tintwistle 1st Feb 1803  
Allison Holbroke daughter Thomas Holbroke Hollingworth 11th Feb 1803  
Mr. Joshua Turner     Waterside 7th Mar 1803  
Thomas Barber son George Barber Padfield 13th Apr 1803  
Robert Hollingworth     Tintwistle 15th June 1803  
Mary Kenworthy wife John Kenworthy Tintwistle 2nd Dec 1803  
George Lyne son John Lyne Lane-end 20th Dec 1803  
Joseph Cookson son Thos Cookson Lane-end 13th Mar 1804  
? Barber daughter William Barber Padfield 3rd Apr 1804  
Samuel Kershaw son William Kershaw Whitfield 14th May 1804  
Peggy Roberts daughter William Roberts Hollingworth Mill 17th May 1804  
William Jones son John Jones Hollingworth Mill 28th May 1804  
George Hall son Thomas Hall Arnfield 29th May 1804  
William Pemberton son James Pemberton Hollingworth 16th Aug 1804  
George Roberts     Woking 13th Sep 1804  
Samuel Lyne son John Lyne Lane-end 18th Nov 1804  
Mary Shaw daughter  John Shaw Tintwistle ? Feb 1805  
Samuel Hollingworth son Joseph Hollingworth Tintwistle 24th Apr 1805  
[blank] Roberts wife William Roberts Wooley Mill 9th Sep 1805  
Samuel Pemberton son Saml Pemberton Hollingworth 12th Feb 1806  
John Kershaw     Tintwistle ? Aug 1806  
James Shepherd     Glossop 22nd Oct 1806  
Sarah Brierley wife Alishai Brierley   9th Dec 1806  
Ruth Woodhouse daughter John Woodhouse Tintwistle 14th Feb 1807  
Joseph Marshall son John Marshall Tintwistle 16th Feb 1807  
Hannah Barber wife George Barber Padfield 11th Mar 1807  
John Wood     Padfield 15th Mar 1807  
George Hadfield son Thomas Hadfield Croden Brook 1st Apr 1807  
Sarah Dearnallery daughter  Joseph Dearnallery Tintwistle 25th Apr 1807  
Ann Rhodes daughter Thomas Rhodes Tintwistle 15th May 1807  
Betty Bradley daughter Thomas Bradley Lane-end 9th Sep 1807  
John Howard Schoolmaster   Tintwistle 20th Oct 1807  
James Moss     Tintwistle 13th Nov 1807  
James Marshall son Robert Marshall Hollingworth 26th Nov 1807  
Mary Lees wife William Lees Waterside 29th Nov 1807  
James Cookson son Thomas Cookson Lane-end 29th Nov 1807  
[blank] Cartwright   [blank] Catrwright Upper House 30th Nov 1807  
[blank] Crowther son James Crowther Tintwistle 5th Jan 1808  
James Harrop son George Harrop Hadfield 18th Jan 1808  
Betty Lyne     Wolley Mill 7th Feb 1808  
Joseph Hall son Thomas Hall Padfield 9th Mar 1808  
Joseph Looley son Thos Looley Waterside Apr 1808 Very faint
[blank] Whitworth daughter A…. Whitworth …..worth May 1808 Very faint
Robert Brierley son Abisloi Brierley Arnfield 14th May 1808  
Sally Barber daughter Wm Barber Padfield 19th May 1808  
Thos Hayson     Tintwistle 21st Jun 1808 Ink marks
    Grave money £2-5”   26th June 1808  
Benjamin Cartwright     Upper House 15th Sep 1808  
Joseph Wood son Joseph Wood Hurst 17th Dec 1808  
Sarah Marshall daughter Robert Marshall   7th Jan 1809  
Joseph Cookson son Thomas Cookson   7th Jan 1809  
Joseph Nelson     Upper House 23rd Mar 1809  
Sarah Dewsnap daughter William Dewsnap Hurst 18th Apr 1809  
Joseph Hadfield son John Hadfield Tintwistle 14th May 1809  
John Crowther son James Crowther Tintwistle 14th May 1809  
[blank] Kershaw daughter William Kershaw Whitfield 3rd June 1809  
Betty Moss     Padfield 18th July 1809  
James Barber son William Barber Padfield 19th Dec 1809  
Joseph Walmsley     Tintwistle 4th Apr 1810  
Mary Hollingworth daughter Late Robert Hollingworth   14th Apr 1810  
Laura Platt daughter George Platt Tintwistle 15th Apr 1810  
William Jones son John Jones Hollingworth 5th May 1810  
William Shepley son Joseph Shepley   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811 
Hannah Cartwrtight wife Joseph Cartwright   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811
Ether Kendrick   From Bostone’s Factory   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811
Sarah Rhodes daughter Mr. Thomas Rhodes   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811
Hannah Cookson daughter Thomas Cookson   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811
Elijah Jones son John Jones   No Date: Between 5th May 1810 & 2nd Mar 1811
Grave money received before Mar 2nd 1811   6’ for laying down stones 6’ Recd Wm Hudson Minister of the Church & Congregation Tintwistle March 29th 1814
Thomas Hadfield son Thomas Hadfield Croden Brook 8th May 1811  
Deborah Garlick wife Samuel Garlick Hadfield 20th Oct 1811  
James Cocker son Joseph Cocker Tintwistle 28th Jan 1812  
John Hill son Jonathan Hill Stockport 4th Feb 1812  
John Addy     Tintwistle 17th Apr 1812  
Betty Garlick wife Joseph Garlick Upper House 19th Apr 1812  
Samuel Kershaw     Wooley 19th Apr 1812  
Samuel Hall     Woodhead 14th May 1812  
Thomas Rhodes   Died September 14th, 1821 & was interred 19th Sep 1821 Written across bottom of page
Mary daughter Joseph & Betty Mellor   17th Aug 182? Last page of register (only entry

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