This seems to be the most complete surviving part of the 1811 Census. Unfortunately this time the enumerator didn't include any addresses. Again the four questions regarding occupations were whether the family was chiefly involved in farming, manufacturing, craft or other trades. Stalybridge at the time of this census only covered the parts north of the river Tame that were in the parish of Ashton-under-Lyne and in Lancashire. The parts of Stalybridge we know now south of the river were then part of Dukinfield in the parish of Stockport St Mary's and in the county of Cheshire and not included in this census.

Thomas HarrisonManufacturing42
John CheethamManufacturing42
Samuel SmithManufacturing24
John GoodierManufacturing11
E. SidebottomManufacturing21
Widow WalkerManufacturing51
John BuckleyManufacturing44
Sarah Mellor, same house as aboveManufacturing47
Sarah Mellor, same house as aboveManufacturing45
Joseph CookManufacturing25
Thomas Taylor, same house as aboveManufacturing13
John FarrandManufacturing23
Edward HiltonManufacturing18
Joseph CaleCraft31
Eli HiltonManufacturing63
Robert LawtonManufacturing32
W ChadwickManufacturing21
James LawtonManufacturing53
Widow SandifordManufacturing17
William HassallManufacturing21
Samuel BuckleyManufacturing16
Samuel AndrewInnkeeper32
Samuel HitchenManufacturing17
Eli HassallManufacturing23
Alex LukeTailor34
James LeesSmith13
John LeesManufacturing54
James KnottManufacturing22
James TownendManufacturing36
Thomas KinderManufacturing35
Leigh? BurnleyManufacturing03
John WardleManufacturing53
James CookeManufacturing53
Edward KenworthyManufacturing21
James HiltonManufacturing32
George KinderManufacturing23
Harold HarrisonManufacturing23
Martha HagueManufacturing44
John NieldBarber11
Jenny PearsonManufacturing34
John HeginbottomManufacturing23
John BrookesManufacturing24
Samuel KinderManufacturing36
Joseph LunManufacturing34
Thomas CookeCraft Trade ?33
Widow WhiteShopkeeper02
Widow BoothShopkeeper27
John LittlewoodManufacturing12
Thomas Kay, same house as aboveManufacturing44
James Hall, same house as aboveManufacturing65
Robert WinterbottomManufacturing34
Edward HadfieldShopkeeper34
Mary HassallManufacturing18
Lot LeesManufacturing54
Thomas SmithManufacturing52
John HowardManufacturing22
John HopwoodManufacturing27
Thomas Broad?Manufacturing43
Widow ShawManufacturing13
Abraham CockerManufacturing33
William Sidebottom, Two FamiliesManufacturing64
John WarhurstManufacturing53
Daniel WalkerManufacturing32
Hugh LawtonManufacturing23
Jospeh ShepleyGentleman32
George ChadwickManufacturing16
Widow MasonManufacturing12
Widow HarrisonManufacturing23
John AshtonInnkeeper24
John AvisonShoemaker42
Joseph NortonShoemaker33
Mrs WoolleyShopkeeper11
James FletcherButcher13
James WelchManufacturing13
Mary RotherhamManufacturing23
James BulkleyManufacturing14
Jonathan HowardManufacturing13
John BarringtonManufacturing44
Jonathan LeggitManufacturing22
James BuckleyManufacturing12
James KershawManufacturing24
Samuel MottramManufacturing22
Robert SmithManufacturing34
Widow PlattManufacturing03
Abraham OgdenManufacturing65
James BroadhurstManufacturing54
Joseph SlaterManufacturing44
Samuel GarsideManufacturing21
Joseph HeapShopkeeper43
Thomas LawtonCraft Trade ?33
Joshua CheethamManufacturing12
James KenworthyManufacturing28
Jervis LawtonManufacturing46
Widow SidebottomManufacturing13
Samuel TootelManufacturing36
Mary GarlickManufacturing07
Nancy HurstManufacturing17
Widow CastleManufacturing14
James FieldenManufacturing63
Benjamin SykesMason32
Widow WhiteheadManufacturing06
John MacManufacturing21
Joseph ShepleyGentleman12
Mary MossManufacturing38
Harold ArmitageManufacturing26
Oliver WinterManufacturing12
William Kier/Keen?Manufacturing15
Sarah Brookes, same house as aboveManufacturing62
Joseph Buckley, same house as aboveManufacturing22
Robert BuckleyManufacturing32
George Brookes, same house as aboveManufacturing63
Widow Parkins, same house as aboveManufacturing21
Jane HallManufacturing22
Widow Hall, same house as aboveManufacturing04
John WagstaffManufacturing and Shopkeeper32
Widow WoolleyManufacturing31
John MarstonManufacturing and Shopkeeper22
James Schofieldno occupation44
Mary Wood, same house as aboveManufacturing02
Daniel Howard, same house as aboveManufacturing53
Harold JaquesManufacturing112
Widow WhiteheadManufacturing38
William BurgessManufacturing32
Betty NokesManufacturing02
Betty BottomleyManufacturing01
George Clough, same house as aboveManufacturing22
Daniel HowardManufacturing22
Benjamin MellorManufacturing32
William WaltonButcher22
Joseph BuckleyManufacturing22
Edward AdsheadGentleman55
Thomas EgleyTailor21
Han? Adshead, same house as aboveManufacturing21
Widow RivehoughManufacturing43
Sarah HowardManufacturing32
R. WaterhouseTailor510
Widow HiltonShopkeeper12
Mr HattonDoctor33
Samuel StansfieldShopkeeper14
Wm GarnerManufacturing33
Widow SydallManufacturing73
Robert HowardManufacturing11
Samuel MossManufacturing13
Thomas TurnerManufacturing33
John FieldenManufacturing35
Jonathan HegginbottomShopkeeper22
Mrs OrrellShopkeeper23
W. BirchTinman43
Isaac PiersonShopkeeper11
John BennetManufacturing43
Edward OuseyManufacturing32
James WoolleyManufacturing13
William CookeManufacturing23
Thomas OuseyManufacturing46
Samuel HoltManufacturing32
Daniel RhodesManufacturing22
John SidebottomManufacturing56
Widow MarlandManufacturing13
John AlmonaManufacturing11
John NewtonManufacturing42
William BardsleyBurcher42
Mr MellorGentleman43
John GrindrodManufacturing24
Abel HoltManufacturing22
Harold BuckleyManufacturing44
Robert Oliverno occupation given43
James BuckleyManufacturing21
George CookManufacturing43
James BrierleyManufacturing43
John LawtonManufacturing35
Jenny MarshallManufacturing13
Joseph HallInnkeeper36
John BattyManufacturing21
Joseph WoodManufacturing41
? WadeButcher14
John Longson, same house as aboveTailor15
Thomas HoltManufacturing22
Samuel BevinManufacturing72
Benjamin CockerManufacturing33
Samuel CookInnkeeper24
James AshworthManufacturing22
Widow WaltonManufacturing22
Ann HolliatManufacturing13
Betty Garlick, same house as aboveManufacturing22
Anthony WilkinsonManufacturing44
Joseph SteelManufacturing24
Matthew HurstManufacturing102
John AdsheadManufacturer72
Widow BardsleyManufacturing01
John HowardManufacturing and Shopkeeper32
George CookShopkeeper11
Arthur BlandManufacturing33
Mary WalkerManufacturing14
John HarrisonManufacturing21
W. Whitehead, same house as aboveManufacturing12

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