This a rare surviving copy of an 1811 Census for Mossley, which I have been given permission to transcribe. Unlike the preceeding one for Ashton, the Mossley Census does not provide even approximate addresses, which is a great pity. Again the enumerator was given four columns to indicate whether the families were involved in farming, manufacturing, handicrafts or other trades. Manufacturing would have been mostly cotton spinning and handicrafts would likely have been hand loom weaving.

James LeesShopkeeper20
Mally NieldManufacturing11
John ClaytonManufacturing21
John KenworthyManufacturing12
Hambet Hilton sharing house aboveManufacturing32
James TaylorManufacturing13
James Taylor sharing house aboveManufacturing11
Nathaniel NieldManufacturing13
John Whitehead sharing house abovecraft trade ?21
H WrigleyManufacturing13
Ann Hindley sharing house aboveManufacturing01
Robert ShawManufacturing23
William BuckleyManufacturing12
William ParkManufacturing31
James WeirManufacturing11
Thomas ShuttleworthManufacturing11
Widow SchofieldManufacturing56
John BuckleyInnkeeper46
Edward GreavesShopkeeper45
Betty HydeManufacturing02
Samuel Lee?Manufacturing36
James Ollivent?Shopkeeper55
Thomas BoothFarming44
Wiliam NewtonShopkeeper01
William GreavesShopkeeper33
John Bromale/Bramall?Farmer/Gentleman36
John NaylorManufactuirng22
Thomas MillerFarming64
James WhitworthFarming17
John HaigFarming10
William WildFarming51
Betty SchofieldFarming11
George SydallManufacturing12
John SmithManufacturer33
James BuckleyShopkeeper35
Samuel GarsideFarmer44
James MeadowcroftFarmer11
Miles SchofieldCraft Trade ?56
Samuel HindleyFarmer23
Ann KnottCraft Trade15
Samuel Pay?Farmer68
? RobertsonManufacturing43
Joseph BuckleyManufacturing23
John WrigleyCraft trade ?52
Miles SchofieldCraft Trade ?21
James HindleyCraft Trade ?11
Jarvis Hindley, same house as aboveCraft Trade ?31
Thomas MitchellCraft Trade ?32
Ben KayCraft Trade ?28
William MortonCraft Trade ?12
Miss CharltonCraft Trade02
John WhiteheadCraft Trade ?12
Abraham LeesShopkeeper11
Joseph KenworthyManufacturing72
John HarrisonManufacturing22
Edmund BuckleyManufacturing63
George RobinsonManufacturing22
John OgdenManufacturing12
Joseph CarterManufacturing12
Jonathan MilesManufacturing55
James BottomleyManufacturing11
Samuel AshtonManufacturing54
John MorxxxxxManufacturer12
Samuel? SchofieldInnkeeper14
James WrigleyManufacturing40
John RhodesManufacturing46
William SchofieldManufacturing21
Joseph BulkeleyManufacturing24
Hugh HagueManufacturing21
John SykesManufacturing43
James LawtonManufacturing21
Abraham HowardManufacturing13
George LawtonManufacturing32
George AliceManufacturing23
George WinterbottomManufacturing31
John BuckleyManufacturing33
Nathaniel BottomleyManufacturing11
William SchofieldCraft Trade ?12
Joseph LeesManufacturing53
George WalkerManufacturing42
Harold WhiteheadManufacturing24
James Hill, same house as aboveManufacturing24
Sarah WalkerManufacturing13
James WildManufacturing64
Thomas GillmoreManufacturing23
Samuel HagueManufacturing53
Jonathan? DysonManufacturing42
Robert SmithCraft Trade ?12
James LeesManufacturing21
William Por?Manufacturing53
David CooplandManufacturing44
Isaac BredburyManufacturing25
? BlackburnManufacturing55
John KenworthyManufacturing23
Ian PriceManufacturing11
John KnottShopkeeper1?
William BuckleyManufacturing53
George LuckManufacturing24
William NieldManufacturing21
John DeanManufacturing51
George RobinsonManufacturing33
Thomas BarberManufacturing34
Nelly HelmManufacturing24
William BuckleyManufacturing41
Thomas MayorManufacturing21
Paul AndrewManufacturing24
James WrigleyManufacturing33
John WildManufacturing24
Joseph CockerShopkeeper24
George BoothManufacturing54
John OgdenFarming11
Walter StreetManufacturing12
James ChapmanShopkeeper34
Widow RatcliffeManufacturing22
Ann BrierleyManufacturing02
Ann HarrisonManufacturing04
Richard WilkinsonCraft Trade ?21
Joseph MilesCraft Trade ?16
Daniel WildCraft Trade ?42
Daniel WaterhouseManufacturing23
John BastieManufacturing21
James MasonManufacturing91
George WebbManufacturing16
Harold BramallManufacturing11
William MilesDrapers34
Thomas BoothButcher11
John Kershaw?25
Benjamin? MayallShopkeeper21
Benjamin MellorManufacturing32
Ann HarrisonManufacturing22
Joseph NewtonManufacturing21
Sarah LythgoeCarft Trade ?11
John RoylanceTinman35
Abraham WildManufacturing21
James ShawShopkeeper12
Joseph KenworthyInnkeeper35
Joshua PlattManufacturing54
John BuckleyManufacturing22
Abraham LeesManufacturing22
James MarslandManufacturing12
William MarslandManufacturing32
Thomas LeeManufacturing25
John HullyManufacturing32
Robert TaylorManufacturing23
John WhitworthShopkeeper52
James BuckleyManufacturing34
H CookeManufacturing45
Joseph BuckleyFarmer35
John HullyManufacturing33
James BrookesManufacturing12
Harold BrookesManufacturing01
John BeswickManufacturing32
John BuckleyManufacturing22
Adam WhitworthManufacturing44

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