In 1618 Lees consisted of 1060 acres and was at the extreme northeast tip of the large ecclesiastical parish of St Michael and All Angels, Ashton-under-Lyne. By 1830 there were 3,827 inhabitants and in 1835 it became a chapelry in Ashton-under-Lyne parish. I actually don't know the date that it became part of Oldham, so perhaps someone will be able to tell me. Some of the addresses on the following surviving 1811 census fragment are also a little hard to read; Newroad Lane and Nimble Nook, so perhaps Lees historians could also help with these. The enumerator was asked to identify whether families were employed chiefly in farming, manufacturing, craft trades or other. I found it rather surprising how many families were sharing some of the properties

John Dyson, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing411
John Scholefield, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing78
Samuel Bennet, LeesManufacturing65
Nathaniel Welch, LeesManufacturing61
Ache? Blair, Lees. Six FamiliesManufacturing912
Thomas Kershaw, LeesCraft Trade ?56
Lawrence Law, LeesManufacturing94
John Wilde, LeesManufacturing51
Peter Ormrod, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing35
Robert Lees, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing43
John Bennett, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing46
Joseph Winterbottom, Lees. Three FamiliesManufacturing512
James Lees, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing47
Joseph Buckley, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing210
John Hindley, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing612
John Heywood, LeesManufacturing81
James Halkyard, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing34
Thomas Booth, LeesOther41
John Kershaw, Lees. Two FamiliesManufacturing55
Samuel Mellor, LeesOther63
James Dunkerley, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing36
Joseph Jackson, HeyManufacturing23
James Heywood, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing34
William Weight, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing75
Isaac Hartley, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing45
Hannah Booth, HeyOther05
John Mayall, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing34
William Plat/Plant? Hey CloughManufacturing22
James Tenant, Hey ChapelOther62
Widow Wrigley, Hey Chapel. Two FamiliesOther46
James Lees, Hey Chapel, Two FamiliesManufacturing47
Benjamin Knight, Hey. Two familiesManufacturing66
Benjamin Beaumont, Hey. Two FamiliesOther22
Henry Haughton, Hey. Two FamiliesManufacturing34
John Lees, HeyManufacturing33
Robert Platt, Sharpe Lane. Two FamiliesManufacturing84
John Gartside, Sharpe lane. Two FamiliesManufacturing46
Samuel Kershaw, GreenManufacturing66
Miles Mayall, Green. Two familiesManufacturing54
Enoch Heywood, GreenManufacturing33
Joseph Dale, GreenOther55
John Gartside, Dove CoatManufacturing62
John Sevill, AusterlandsManufacturing65
Widow Lees, AusterlandsOther02
John Wrigley, AusterlandsOther21
Joseph Whitehead, BirksCraft Trade23
Joseph Stansfield, Birks. Three FamilesManufacturing65
Jonathan Bower, BirksNo Occupation43
John Dawson, BirksManufacturing34
William Russell, BirksNo Occupation73
Thomas Chadwick, BirksManufacturing53
Sarah Hutchinson, BirksManufacturing11
James Lees, BirksManufacturing45
Groves Holt, Birks. Two FamiliesManufacturing76
Edmund Whittaker, BirksNo Occupation22
Joseph Thorp, BirksManufacturing16
Simeon Lord, Nimble NookManufacturing12
William Jackson, HollinsManufacturing22
Neddy Halkyard, New Road Lane. Two FamiliesManufacturing75
John Lees, New Road Lane, Four FamiliesManufacturing119
John Morning?, MillManufacturing33
John Wrigley, Mill. Five FamiliesManufacturing69
Henry Wormald, Mill, Four FamiliesManufacturing1211
Widow Lees, Cross BankOther22
John Wrigley, Cross BankManufacturing15
Abraham Hilton, Cross BankManufacturing64

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