More Fragments that survive from the 1811 Census of Ashton-under-Lyne Parish. At the time these were two small communities with one shop each. Heyrod only had two families involved chiefly in farming whereas there were nine in Luzley.

Ben Schofield, HeyrodManufacturing23
Mary Kenworthy, HeyrodManufacturing02
William Hartley, HeyrodManufacturing22
Robert Lawton, HeyrodManufacturing37
John Hall, HeyrodManufacturing34
William Lawton, HeyrodManufacturing42
Robert Bennett, HeyrodManufacturing13
Luke Lawton, HeyrodManufacturing24
William Knight? HeyrodManufacturing02
William ?rigg, HeyrodManufacturing11
John Kershaw, HeyrodManufacturing44
Widow Shaw, HeyrodManufacturing14
Andrew Howard, HeyrodManufacturing22
Jacob Norris, HeyrodManufacturing61
Mary Sidebottom, HeyrodManufacturing02
George Taylor, HeyrodManufacturing21
John Sidebottom, HeyrodManufacturing44
James Smith, Heyrod,Manufacturing21
George Buckley, HeyrodManufacturing23
Neddy Shelmerdine, HeyrodManufacturing35
Joseph? Miles? HeyrodManufacturing23
Peter Shaw, HeyrodManufacturing76
John Shelmerdine, HeyrodManufacturing22
Neddy Shelmerdine, HeyrodManufacturing76
James Hollingworth, HeyrodManufacturing22
John Buckley, HeyrodManufacturing77
Ann Bradbury, HeyrodManufacturing03
John Stansfield, HeyrodManufacturing11
John Hague, HeyrodManufacturing22
George Howarth, HeyrodManufacturing22
Joshua/Joseph? Buckley, HeyrodManufacturing12
Ann Beswick, HeyrodManufacturing15
William Hyde, HeyrodFarmer18
William Lissie?, HeyrodFarming11
John Knight, HeyrodManufacturing46
Widow Hague,HeyrodManufacturing35
J? Lawton, HeyrodCraft Trade ?13
John Hadfield, HeyrodCraft Trade ?42
Squire Hulley, HeyrodShop11
George Hulley, HeyrodCraft Trade ?44
John Thomson, HeyrodCraft Trade ?22
Joseph Buckley, HeyrodCraft trade ?33
Robert Thrift, HeyrodCraft Trade ?55
Henry Holt, HeyrodManufacturing55
Jonathan/John? Clayton, HeyrodManufacturing27
Ralph Worthington, HeyrodManufacturing21
Samuel Taylor, HeyrodManufacturing22
James Platt, HeyrodManufacturing12
Theophilus Holt, HeyrodManufacturing22
John Clayton, ScoutManufacturing & Craft35
Jack Wood, ScoutCraft Trade ?85
Isaac Clayton, ScoutCraft Trade ?25
Harold Lawton, ScoutCraft Trade ?11
John Horsefield, ScoutCraft Trade ?23
Alice Howard, ScoutCraft Trade ?23
James Shaw, same house as aboveCraft Trade ?22
Ann Clayton, ScoutCraft Trade ?03
Richard Wilson, ScoutCraft Trade44
Thomas Hague, ScoutCraft Trade ?11
Samuel Wilson, ScoutCraft Trade ?11
John Avison, ScoutCraft Trade ?13
Joseph Wrigley, ScoutManufacturing & Craft32
Jane Hague, ScoutCraft Trade ?21
David Parley, ScoutCraft Trade ?33
William Wrigley, ScoutCraft Trade ?43
John Lilley, ScoutCraft Trade ?33
Joseph Knott, LuzleyManufacturing34
John Knott, LuzleyManufacturing23
James Hague, LuzleyManufacturing45
John Wrigley, LuzleyManufacturing34
L? Cook, LuzleyManufacturing65
John Hague, LuzleyManufacturing35
F? Knott, LuzleyManufacturing32
Thomas Clayton, LuzleyManufacturing32
George Andrews, LuzleyManufacturing62
William Miles, LuzleyShopkeeper21
Thomas Cook, Luzleyoccupation missing23
Robert Smith, Luzleyoccupation missing73
John Saxon, LuzleyFarming22
John Wrigley, LuzleyManufacturing21
John Marshall, LuzleyManufacturing11
William Lees, LuzleyManufacturing13
James Harrop, LuzleyManufacturing43
Robert Greaves, LuzleyManufacturing21
Samuel Helliwell, LuzleyManufacturing35
James Ashton, LuzleyManufacturing67
William Brierley, LuzleyFarming43
Thomas Greenwood, LuzleyFarming73
George Newton, LuzleyFarming58
John Dearnaly, LuzleyManufacturing12
William Booth, LuzleyManufacturing33
James Hague, LuzleyManufacturing65
James Buckley, LuzleyManufacturing30
George Buckley, LuzleyManufacturing22
Wm Saxon, LuzleyManufacturing52
Wm? Holden, LuzleyFarming & Manufacturing12
Thomas Ousey, LuzleyGentleman54
Thomas Azlm (Haslam?) LuzleyManufacturing43
Henry Hirst, LuzleyFarming33
James Greenwood, LuzleyFarming32
Samuel Saxon, LuzleyFarming11
William Barret, LuzleyFarming56
Daniel ? LuzleyManufacturing12
John Knight, LuzleyManufacturing76
Jonas Wadsworth, LuzleyManufacturing34
Thomas Ratcliffe, LuzleyManufacturing16

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