A copy of the 1811 Census for some parts of Tameside survive and I have had permission from Preston Record Office to transcribe the details to my web page. The information it contains is useful, but does not give as much detail as later censuses. Basically it has the name and address of the householder (Addresses in 1811 were still rather approximate), what type of occupation and the numbers of males and females in each household. The enumerator started off rather diligently on the first page giving detailed employment categories, but after the first page resorted to simple ticks in columns. The census actually wanted to know how many people were involved in farming, which families were working in manufacturing industries (mostly cotton spinning), which in other handicrafts (e.g. hand loom weaving) and which in other categories not covered by the first three. Unfortunately some of the corners of the document are missing and other parts are indecipherable, but I would say that over 90% of the information is trancribable.

KEY M=missing, Y=indecipherable

Name and AddressTradeMalesFemales
Henry Heap, StakesClothier24
Jonathan Garside, StakesClothier??
Thomas Harrop, FlatsFarmer13
Widow Hague, Mab HolesWeaving33
James Wood, FlatsManufacturing44
Samuel Brookes, FlatsWeaver & Joiner23
Ann Hale, FlatsWeaving11
James Chorlton, FlatsSmith12
Joseph Ashton, Park HallSpinner43
Samuel Bottomley, Park HallBarton43
Margaret Garside, Park Hall------2
Widow Chadwick, Park Hall, Two FamiliesCotton Manufacturing33
James Howard, Park HallCotton Manufacturing56
Thomas Buckley, Park HallFarmer23
William France, Park Hall MileCotton Manufacturing63
John Mort, Park Hall MileCotton Manufacturing33
Joseph Hurst, Park Hall MileCotton Manufacturing32
Ralph Orme, Park Hall MileCotton Manufacturing33
John Schofield, Chamber HillsCotton Manufacturing23
Robert Walker, Chamber Hills, Two FamiliesCotton Manufacturing21
John Chadwick, Higham Fold, Two FamiliesManufacturing14
William Hurst, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing31
James Shaw, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing35
Joseph Higham, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing42
George Chadwick, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing47
Widow Chadwick, Higham Fold, Two FamiliesCotton Manufacturing13
Joseph Burton, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing43
Edward Chadwick, Higham FoldCotton Manufacturing38
Joseph Knott, Throstle NestHatter63
James Wilson, Little BagsCotton Manufacturing31
Widow Hague, Little BagsCotton Manufacturing4x
Matthew Taylor, Little BagsCotton Manufacturingmm
Ralph Hall, Little BagsShopkeeper22
X Broadbent, Little BagsManufacturing27
Aaron Moss, Little BagsManufacturing27
William Higham, ParksManufacturing46
Robert Garside, SlacksManufacturing31
James Hyde, Slacks Manufacturing42
James Wild, SlacksManufacturing23
William Kelsal, SlacksManufacturing44
James Higham, SlacksManufacturing43
Isaac Carter, SaxonsManufacturing15
William Byron, SaxonsManufacturing33
John Byron, SaxonsManufacturing34
Robert Heap, SaxonsManufacturing56
James Saxon, Mellinsons?/MillinsonsManufacturing54
Henry Hurst, Mellinsons?/MillinsonsManufacturing32
Henry Lees, Mellinsons?/MillinsonsFarmer25
William Falkner, Blue Bill/Bell?Manufacturing21
Richard Stansfield, Blue Bill/Bell?Manufacturing53
John Potter, Blue Bill/Bell?Manufacturing23
John Hollingworth, Currier LaneManufacturing43
Widow Judson, Currier Laneno occupation14
William Cooper, Currier LaneMachine Maker22
James Oliver, Currier LaneManufacturing52
Widow Robinson, Currier Laneno occupation---3
William Orme, Currier LaneManufacturing55
James Chadwick, Currier LaneManufacturing34
Widow Cock, Currier LaneManufacturing26
Elijah Hale, Currier LaneManufacturing45
John Chadwick, Currier LaneJoiner32
Joseph Garside, Currier LaneJoiner32
--- Whitworth, Currier LaneManufacturing45
missingManufacturing & Joiner34
James Hague, Currier LaneManufacturing25
John Townsend, Currier LaneManufacturing21
John Knott, Currier LaneHatter24
Edward Townsend, Currier LaneManufacturing21
Thomas Rayner, Bank TopManufacturing55
James Broadbent, Bank Topcraft trade ?13
William Warmby, Bank Topcraft trade ?33
Mary Ogden, Bank TopManufacturing12
William Lowe, Bank TopFounder ?22
James Ogden, Bank TopCarter12
John Andrew, Bank Topcraft trade ?22
Robert Hooson, Bank Topcraft trade ?32
Samuel Chapels, Bank TopManufacturing21
Joseph Hemmingway, Bank Topcraft trade ?22
Benjamin Broad, Bank Topcraft trade?14
Samuel Cock, Scotland BrookSurgeon17
John Hollingworth, Scotland Brookcraft trade ?21
Benjamin Harrop, Scotland BrookLabourer11
John Harrop, Scotland Brookno occupation23
Daniel Moss, Scotland BrookLabourer12
John Worsley, Scotland Brook, Two FamiliesManufacturing32
John Bardsley, Scotland BrookManufacturing33
Sarah Beswick, Scotland BrookManufacturing14
Joseph Bradley, Scotland BrookManufacturing36
William Ashton, Scotland BrookLabourer24
James Burgess, Scotland BrookLabourer24
John Clough, Scotland BrookManufacturing43
Mary Lees, Scotland BrookManufacturing ---1
Samuel Leech, Scotland BrookManufacturing32
Hannah Clough, Scotland BrookManufacturing1---
John Cock, Scotland BrookManufacturing42
William Schofield, Scotland Brookxxx
Joseph Higginbottom, ScotlandManufacturing34
George Pritchard, Scotlandcraft trade ?22
Jenny? Lees, Scotlandcraft trade ?23
Thomas Taylor, Scotlandcraft trade ?52
Alexander Harcourt, ScotlandInnkeeper21
John Booth, ScotlandSurgeon13
John Millinson, Scotlancraft trade ?34
Lydia Emiry, ScotlandManufacturing03
Robert Shelmerdine, ScotlandManufacturing21
James Newton, ScotlandManufacturing32
George Sharp, ScotlandHairdresser34
Thomas Layland, ScotlandGrocer22
Thomas Cunningham, Scotlandcraft trade ?3
Thomas Sellers, ScotlandGrocer33
William Marshall, Scotlandcraft trade ?20
Hannah Waterford, ScotlandShopkeeper13
Sarah Gladding, ScotlandManufacturing31
John Buchannan, Scotlandcraft trade ?52
Abraham Cooper, ScotlandShopkeeper12
Henry Lees, ScotlandShopkeeper45
David Tinker, ScotlandShopkeeper81
Carter? Bennett, ScotlandFarmer33
James Bradshaw, Scotland, Two FamiliesFarmer & Manufacturing43
John Slater, Scotlandcraft trade ?10
Samuel Garside, ScotlandInnkeeper34
Edward Booth, ScotlandShopkeeper53
William Booth, ScotlandChandler46
Samuel Ollerenshaw, ScotlandManufacturing16
Robert Kershaw, ScotlandButcher46
John Bradley, ScotlandManufacturing13
? Stopford, Scotland?31
John Lord, Parsons Yardcraft trade ?12
John Walker, Parsons Yardcraft trade ?11
Thomas Boardman, Parson YardGlazier52
Reverend Mr Hutchinson, Parsonage12
Ellen Matley, Parsons YardGlazier?01
Samuel Kershaw, ParsonsYardButcher21
Widow Mort, Parsons YardManufacturing27
Sarah Barber, Parsons YardManufacturing03
John Slater, Crickets LaneInnkeeper31
William Taylor, Crickets LaneDraper46
Jonathan Slater, Crickets LaneShopkeeper54
Reverend Mr Lamonby, Crickets Lane22
Henry Bates, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?23
Anthony Shaw, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?43
William Lees, Crickets LaneManufacturing32
John Bardsley, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?31
Charles Walker, Crickets LaneManufacturing31
James Potter, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?34
John Hague, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?53
Robert Stafford, Crickets LaneManufacturing53
Widow Higginbottom, Crickets Laneno occupation04
William Green, Crickets LaneFarmer21
John Drake, Croft LaneManufacturing40
John Higginbottom, Croft LaneFarmer40
Jeremiah Nibbs, Croft Lanecraft trade ?24
Thomas Garside, Croft LaneManufacturing22
Betty Harrison, Croft LaneManufacturing13
Samuel Garside, Croft LaneManufacturing13
John Andrew, Croft Lanecraft trade ?32
William Newton, Croft LaneManufacturing?4
Ann Boyar????
Hannah Mayall, Croft LaneManufacturing??
Ann Hulme, Croft LaneCarter15
James Ousey, Croft Lanecraft trade ?63
Widow Walker, Croft LaneManufacturing31
John Henshall, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?34
John Brierley, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?15
Ann Matley, Crickets LaneManufacturing01
Job Lilley, Crickets LaneFarmer12
Jeremiah Clarkson, Crickets LaneManufacturing22
Mary Jones, Crickets LaneManufacturing23
Edward Millinson, Crickets LaneManufacturing44
James Heywood, Crickets LaneManufacturing53
James Wood, Crickets LaneManufacturing43
Samuel Sidebottom, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?20
Samuel Kershaw, Crickets LaneManufacturing32
John Wood, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?12
James Ogden, Crickets Lane?11
Mary Higham, Crickets LaneManufacturing04
Israel Bramhall, Crickets Lanecraft trade ?22
William Heap, Crickets LaneManufacturing21
James Walker, Crickets LaneManufacturing22
Joseph Hall, Heyscraft trade ?46
Richard Williams, Heysfarm labourer10

For those interested in statistics, the area covered by this census, which is part of the centre and east of Ashton Town contained: 192 Households with 5 unoccupied houses. Ten families were involved chiefly in farming, 107 in manufacturing, 41 in crafts and 44 other trades. There were 192 heads of household and a total of 476 males and 544 females. These are the enumerators figures, I have not checked them.

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